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ViewSonic's $279 (as of January 12, 2007) VG930m is a good, utilitarian display, though it has some design quirks.

The VG930m performed well in the text section of our image quality tests, showing particularly sharp text in a Microsoft Word document and on a page of multisize fonts. In the graphics portion of our tests, however, the VG930m didn't make as strong a showing. Colors seemed slightly bland and muted, though some hues in a photo of a fruit tart looked realistic.

You can access the VG930m's on-screen adjustments via buttons that are inset into the side of the bezel. Though options are not plentiful, we had no trouble maneuvering through the menus to make changes.

The VG930m tilts, but it rocks a bit when it's moved. Swiveling the model entails moving the base as well, though it does swivel smoothly. The display does not pivot. Speakers built into the bottom of the display are adequate for system sounds, but you'll want to invest in a set of stand-alone speakers for movies and music. The VG930m does not have built-in USB ports.

The accompanying user guide is on a CD. It explains what each on-screen adjustment does and how to use it, as well as providing general troubleshooting information.

Overall, the VG930m's strong representation of text makes it a good candidate for general office work.

Kalpana Ettenson

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At a Glance
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