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Samsung SyncMaster 2232GW

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Samsung's SyncMaster 2232GW is a winner. The monitor's round-bottomed base may not appeal to everyone, but few will quibble with its graphics quality: The SyncMaster's scores on this measure were among the highest we've seen in recent memory. Across the board, the PC World jury gave it high marks for performance, resulting in a collective score of Very Good.

The SyncMaster 2232GW's ultraglossy screen helped it display rich colors in our tests. A test portrait of an ethnically diverse group of people revealed true-to-life skin tones. An array of Web-page graphics looked good, and a colorful picture of fruit seemeed quite realistic. The 2232GW also produced razor-sharp text.

Unfortunately, the only physical adjustment possible on the monitor is tilt, through a narrow range. For the price ($380 as of October 9, 2007), I expected it to include more adjustment options. On-screen display (OSD) controls sit on the curved lower part of the monitor, right in the middle. Samsung's signature oversize blue LED power button occupies the lower right corner. To augment the regular monitor settings, the 2232GW offers MagicBright--Samsung's name for display presets, including those for movies, sports, and games.

In a screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, the display delivered rich and compellingly detailed background scenes. The lush color of the greenery as the pirate Jack Sparrow entered the scene looked gorgeous, and even the tiny pink flowers growing among the foliage stood out. Blues in uniforms and costumes popped, though the reds were so rich that they verged on unnatural. Lighter skin tones appeared slightly too pink, and hints of orangey bronze marred some darker skin types, but the monitor generally performed capably for movie viewing.

Though design-conscious consumers may not care for the unique rounded corners on the Samsung 2232GW's base, the monitor's consistently striking graphics and text are sure to please many.

Roy Santos

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At a Glance
  • PCWorld Rating

    This superb monitor is excellent for many graphics tasks, which may justify its slightly higher price.


    • Top-notch graphics
    • Unique rounded design


    • Tilt-only adjustment
    • Somewhat overpriced for a basic model
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