Top Ten 2008 Election Sites to Bookmark Now

Like every other American, I'm gearing up to vote next week in the presidential election. The priority right now: figuring out where to vote, because, at the last state election, I showed up early in the morning only to find out my polling location had changed. It meant waiting in line longer and wasting gas.

Of course, if you are still undecided, there are sites that can help you understand where the candidates stand on the issues. And, like a Lost party or the Superbowl, it's good to have your laptop ready with links to all of the election coverage for next Tuesday (and into Wednesday).

It's one thing to listen to what the candidates say, but are they actually telling you the truth? is a good resource for fact-checking the major issues. Where does John McCain really stand on partial birth abortion and gun control? Does Barrack Obama define health care the same way everyone else does? Usually, you can find out in just a few clicks.

2. Commission on Presidential Debates
Even if you watched the debates live or on your DISH DVR in HD (as I did), you can quickly search through the transcripts of every major presidential debate. There's also a good link on voter education.

If you're one of those people who only wants the hard cold facts during the election, you can visit the Federal Election Commission site for the official state-by-state results.

For those who just can't wait until next Tuesday, lists predictions for how the electoral college will vote for each state. The site tracks political polls around the nation.

5. Vote from Abroad
You can file an absentee ballot using the Vote From Abroad site. There's an easy to use wizard that walks you through the process. The Overseas Vote Foundation lists sites for voting from overseas as well.

6. Google Maps voting location finder
Google offers a way to find your polling place on a map. You just type in your address and click Search. Google also offers a map that shows search trends by state.

7. Yahoo Political Dashboard
I like the Yahoo Election Dashboard because it is well-designed and shows poll results on one color map. There are also links to political news and blogs.

8. YouTube You Choose
YouTube offers a nifty way to search the most recent presidential debate for key terms, such as Iraq or Taxes. You can quickly find out what a candidate said. There's also a way to submit a video of your own voting experience.

9. Digg Election 2008
Digg has categorized links for the upcoming election, so it is a good way to see what people are saying about the candidates, recent news, and videos of candidates.

10. CNN
And, of course, you'll want to bookmark the CNN site, which always seems to be the most comprehensive with up-to-date coverage and streaming video feeds.

I will post a few more sites tomorrow as I find them...

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