DigiYumi: Commercial Wars

With Apple's integration of the Intel processor sufficiently narrowing the gap between the former defining capabilities of a Windows based PC and Apple's Macintosh family. What we are left with are the differences within the operating systems itself. Beyond the physical distinctions of the operating systems we reach the image of the companies themselves. None however has a more profound impact upon the collective psyche then that of commercial advertisement.

In response to Apple's well written and amusing advertisements, Microsoft has released an onslaught of sub par responses containing the general message of "Your a Mac, but everyone else is a PC." The pacing of which is such an overwhelming bombardment to the senses it leaves little time for a viewer to relate and say "I am a PC and I'm proud of it."

Windows is without question the dominant home based computer operating system. They could easily create their own unrelated commercials without stooping to an unimaginative school yard mentality. By doing so unintentionally these 'commercial wars' have elevated their less successful competitors to a more even playing field psychologically. Their best interest for commercials would be to produce powerful unique imagery that highlights the brilliance and limitlessness wonders that a PC can offer. Instead of their string of nonsensical "Everyones a PC" or "Hey Vista isn't that bad" commercials. I'm a PC and I deserve better.

DigiYumi Identity Crisis

Authors Note: There are many psychological cues within commercial advertisement. Note the general blue Mac wears to emphasize his coolness. Also check out the way his casual jacket is folded in at the top much like that of PC's business suit, it suggests that he can work and play.

Article written by AuroraDizon.

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