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Zimbra Collaboration Suite is another full-featured e-mail and groupware solution. Like Kerio MailServer, Zimbra can be installed on a number of platforms and supports a range of clients. Zimbra is available in several product editions , ranging from a basic open-source solution that does not include support for syncing data with either desktop or mobile tools to an extremely well-provisioned professional edition.

In that professional edition, Zimbra supports integration with Outlook and any Mac OS X apps that implement Apple's iSync framework, including Mail, Address Book and iCal. Unlike Kerio, Zimbra uses connector tools installed on client machines to manage data syncing with the server. And platforms other than Windows and Mac OS X will have limited access to collaborative tools beyond basic POP/IMAP for e-mail and Zimbra's rich Web interface.

Zimbra implements mobile device support, including support for the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm and other devices as an optional add-on. Zimbra Mobile , as the package is called, is available for a flat $500 additional fee beyond the standard licensing terms.

Zarafa and Z-Push

Like Zimbra, Zarafa is available in both open-source and commercial variations, although it you want Outlook support, you'll need one of the commercial variations. Zarafa offers support for e-mail, centralized contacts, calendar, task management and public folders. It's designed primarily to use Outlook as a desktop client or a rich Web interface for collaborative features, and the Web interface, supports POP/IMAP access.

Unlike Kerio and Zimbra, which have versions that can run on multiple server platforms, Zarafa is designed for Linux and built to integrate with any LDAP-based directory service, including Active Directory and Open Directory. Zarafa also offers installation flexibility and supports integration with most common Linux mail transfer agents -- think postfix and sendmail -- as well as options for migrating from Exchange or other mail servers that provide IMAP.

As with Zimbra, access from the iPhone and other mobile devices made possible via an additional package called Z-Push . Unlike Zimbra Mobile, Z-Push is a fully open-source solution that can be implemented at no added cost.

Communigate Pro

Communigate Pro is a full-featured messaging and groupware solution that integrates support for e-mail, instant messaging, centralized contacts, calendar, task management and voice over IP (VoIP) phone services. Much like Kerio, Communigate supports a wide range client protocols for messaging and collaborative tools that can be accessed natively from Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple's Mail and iCal, among others. It also includes both traditional and Flash-based Web interfaces for its various features and offers ActiveSync support for the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Like Kerio and Zimbra, Communigate runs on various platforms including Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac OS X, and provides integration with Active Directory and LDAP-based directory services environments. Integration with Lotus Notes calendaring is also supported, as are migration processes from Exchange and POP/IMAP mail servers. The goal is to provide a seamless migration process.

Communigate is available in product bundles aimed at everything from small companies to large enterprise customers to ISPs and other service providers . The bundles offer a variety of unified messaging approaches and incorporate anti-spam and anti-virus solutions.


Icewarp produces a messaging and collaboration suite that includes modules for e-mail server, Jabber-based instant messaging server, a groupware server that is CalDAV compliant, Web and FTP server, rich WebMail interface and mobile services. In late August, Icewarp announced it would add support for the iPhone to its existing support for mobile devices with the release last month of version 10 of the Icewarp server.

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