10 Best Features of Office 2010 for the Enterprise

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Backstage View
Previous versions of Office suffered from a cumbersome and labyrinthine menu system, especially when it came to modifying basic properties of a document. For example, if you wanted to remove the meta data from a document, you'd need to traverse several menus just to get to a point where you could examine the document for any embedded meta data. Embedded meta data can include information related to the editing of the document, from comments to tracked changes to time spent editing, as well as who was involved with the document creation and edits. For many, that is proprietary information that should not be shared with external users. Making it easy to remove meta data is a step toward preventing data leakage and other potential problems.

Sharing documents could be equally cumbersome, where trying to set permissions on a document, secure a document, or create multiple versions of a document was often difficult. Office 2010 eliminates those hassles with the Backstage View, which offers a concise look at the basic properties of a document and simplifies changes within any of those elements. Users will now find it much easier to properly secure documents and remove proprietary information hidden in meta data.

Built-in Graphics Toolset
Office 2010 includes enhanced graphics tools throughout its various applications. Microsoft's goal was to make it easier to insert images, videos, and other graphical elements into a document, presentation, or spreadsheet. In the past, if visual elements required editing to prepare them for inclusion into a Microsoft Office file (Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation), you'd have to resort to third-party tools.

Microsoft now embeds most of the image- and video-editing tools you need directly into the Office applications, allowing users to work with graphical elements without leaving the Office environment. Office 2010 includes tools for cropping, resizing, color correction, and layer and background removal (edge detection), as well as brightness controls, contrast controls, artistic effects, visual styles, and many other image control capabilities. The new image- and video-editing features eliminates the need for most third-party graphics editing tools and can save a great deal of time when sprucing up documents with images or integrating videos into presentations.

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