Play This! Podcast: Can I stream it?

The specacular Jackie Talbott from Revision3 (twitter: jackietalbott) joins us in the studio today to chat about how girls like robots, but not nerds. We also recommend some other fine podcasts, talk about some of the new TV shows worth streaming, and discuss discovering new music with Songza's curated music lists. We also brielfy chat about Wreck-it Ralph, which is a pretty good movie.

Links from this week's episode:

  • There are new TV shows! Try out the pilot of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, a reboot of the Munsters. You can catch it on Hulu. I know, the Munsters...but it's from Brian Fuller and Eddie Izzard is awesome as Grandpa. The CBS modern Sherlock Holmes show Elementary is quite good, too.
  • Nate still doesn't like Avatar: the Last Airbender. We don't get it. He's just...wrong. That show is awesome.
  • Did you know you get special discounts and goodies on Xbox Live now based on your gamerscore?
  • If you want to know if you can stream anything, just check out
  • Indie Game: The Movie is a fantastic and fascinating documentary, even if your'e not really into video games.
  • Songza is Jackie's recommendation for discovering new music. It's all about curated music playlists to fit the time and mood.
  • Somehow, Alex Wawro has not yet seen Amadeus. It only won 8 Oscars.
  • Want to play a great puzzle game on iOS? Check out the charming Girls Like Robots.
  • The Adult Swim app (iOS and Android) has loads of great video clips and episodes of all their content.
  • Doodle God is available for almost all mobile platforms. You just mix and match thigns to make other things. It's more fun than it sounds.
  • After listening to this fine podcast, check out Decode DC. It's a nonpartisan examination into the science and marketing and philosopy of politics. It's not political news, and it's fascinating.

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