How to shop for Cyber Monday deals on your work-issued laptop

It's Cyber Monday 2012, meaning it's arguably the best day of the year to score deals on laptops, tablets, and other tech goodies—to say nothing of everyday gifts for your spouse, kids, friends, co-workers, and so on.

Just one problem: Your work-issued PC might be locked out of shopping sites like Amazon, Newegg, and Macy's. IT departments often prohibit users from visiting such non-work-critical destinations, meaning you might miss out on all the Cyber Monday savings.

Fortunately, there's a simple workaround that'll let you shop till you drop, electronically speaking, without breaking any company rules or ticking off the IT manager. The solution: remote access software.

Just install something like LogMeIn Free on your home or home-office PC, then make sure to leave it running.

Next, use the Web browser on your office PC to connect to that system at home. The net result, of course, is that you get full control over that system, just as though you were sitting in front of it.

That means you can run your home browser, which has no work-imposed blockades. It may seem a little strange to run a Web browser within a Web browser, but it's an easy and effective way to access restricted sites.

This kind of remote access can prove handy in other situations as well, like if you need access to a file you worked on at home but forgot to copy to your work PC.

For today, however, tunnel through to the home system so you can score all the great deals Cyber Monday has to offer.

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