Obsolete computer parts play 'We Are Young'; irony most likely intended

Robots with uncannily human-like insides? Automatons that know how to deceive? A rendition of a song that implores its listener to communally set the world on fire by outdated electronics?

The machine uprising is coming ever closer, folks; mark my words. Skynet is going to happen any day now.

Conspiracy theories aside, bd594's latest masterpiece is, much like his previous endeavors, a thing of mechanical beauty. As spotted by Laughing Squid, this performance of Fun's "We Are Young" was executed by a HP Scanjet 3C, a Yamaha CX-5, a BWD-504 Oscilloscope, along with a number of hard drives piloted by a PIC16484A microcontroller.

It's hardly the kind of stuff you'd see in the New York Philharmonic, but who needs biological beings when you make music with machines?

This isn't the first time bd594 has experimented with music and outdated technology. Not too long ago, we covered his work with Goyte's excellent "Somebody That I Used To Know": That one apparently came with some lag, a barely-visible fault that appears absent in the newest song.

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