This Portal birthday cake is no lie, has nothing to do with CES

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You’ve probably played both the Portal games to death, and purchased one of the replica Portal guns and Sentry Turret. What I bet you don't have however, is a Portal-themed birthdaycake. The cake is a lie, after all.

Or is it?

An unknown artist and culinary whiz made this decidedly epic Portal cake, complete with all the tasty treat’s detailing and a birthday candle. Of course, this is Portal, so it wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t "disappearing" through a portal opening.

The orange and blue portals work as a plate for the two half-cakes, though it’s a little hard to tell if they too are edible. It’s impressive how the chocolate cake hasn’t sunk into a mush, though even if it does, it’s a great reward for a hungry test subject.

At least with a Portal cake, you can deliver it straight from the kitchen to your party guests through the portals. And, of course, you can prove that the cake is not a lie.

Have you ever made a Portal cake? Let us know in the comments, or send us a photo of your masterpiece! If you want to bake the cake yourself, there are great tutorials online.

[The Meta Picture via Dalai Karma]

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