Mico headphones try to read your mind, will play breakup music when you need it


From the cat-eared Necomimi headset to the Shippo brainwave-controlled tail to its stable of more traditional-looking tools, Japanese company Neurowear has come up all sorts of brainwave-controlled gadgets that are cool but not always practical. But Mico may be the company's first gadget that makes sense for a regular Jane.

Featuring the tagline "Music Inspiration for your Subconsciousness," the rather stylish-looking Mico will purportedly "free" you from having to select songs and artists to listen to. Instead, you merely have to sit there and wait for the sensor on your forehead to pick up on your brainwaves before relaying that data to a corresponding iPhone app.

I'm not really sure how exactly Neurowear plans to make Mico offer me the right playlist when I'm in the mood for chocolate chip ice cream. I do like how it has LED state-of-mind indicators, though—it may well be useful for those days when you want to be left alone, provided it works as advertised.

Neurowear has yet to announce a price or release date for the Mico. It did just showcase the Mico at SXSW, though, so you might not have to wait too long to learn more. You can learn more about it over on the Mico website.

[Neurowear via NeuroGadget]

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