Build an email-writing guitar with the Arduino

David Neevel of Wieden + Kennedy has a problem: he wants to devote time to his guitar practice and get his job done, too. Unlike most people, Neevel didn't want to give up any sleep to accomplish this. As a result, he went off to blend e-mail writing and guitar-shredding in a delightful, Arduino-powered extravaganza.


Neevel has been working on the idea for years, and finally shared some details on the Arduino code he wrote to achieve his dream. On his employer’s website, Neevel shared his favorite components of the project. There are details about the design of the relay board as well as a link to the code he used to write the Arduino’s program.

As commenters on Neevel’s blog post have been quick to point out, Neevel's methodology isn't exactly the most efficient one out there. A software MIDI translator would apparently be more effective. However, that didn't really coincide with Neevel's desire for a plug-and-play practice session.

[via Laughing Squid]

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