Back It Up in 2012

The only thing worse than a PC meltdown or hard drive crash is discovering that it has destroyed critical business data on your hard drive. Make a New Year's resolution to find a backup solution that works efficiently and guarantees that your data is safe and ready to restore as soon as you need it.

Back Up All of Your Data

For the rapidly changing data in applications such as Microsoft Exchange and stored in your databases and servers, you need a backup solution that can effectively capture and preserve all of that information as fast as it is created.

You're probably familiar with the phrase "Close only counts with hand grenades." Well, it applies to backing up your data as well. Having almost all of the crucial data doesn't cut it if the key file you need wasn’t safely backed up. Nor does it help if 23 hours of data have been backed up, but you created the piece you need in the 24th hour. So make sure that your backup solution is all-encompassing and that it moves as fast as your business.

Don’t Waste Time Backing Up the Same Data Twice

As important as it is to back up all of your data, you only need one backup copy. Backing up exactly the same files from multiple locations is a poor use of resources—it wastes both time and storage capacity, and adds unnecessary complexity to the backup and restore process.

The Symantec Backup Exec portfolio has the intelligence to avoid redundant backups. It uses a feature called “deduplication” to identify duplicate data and copy it once, while making it easy to find and restore those files to wherever they were originally stored, even if they were housed in multiple places.

Protect Your Backup Data

Having your data backed up will provide little solace if your backups are stored onsite and disaster strikes. After all, if a fire or flood ruins the computers and data stored in the office, it will probably render your backups useless as well. You need to make sure your backup data is stored off-site so it is available when you need it.

One solution is to store backup data on tapes or removable hard drives that are regularly transported and stored at an alternate site. However, that strategy entails some risk, as well as inconvenience. Your data could get lost or stolen in transit, and retrieving it adds precious time to the process of restoring it from a backup.

With the Symantec Backup Exec product family, you or your IT staff can seamlessly and securely back up business data to the cloud. The data is encrypted to prevent interception or unauthorized access, and can be restored instantly to any system at any site with an Internet connection.

Simplify Backing Up

You've got a lot of data to back up, and configuring, monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting the backups of all those data sources can feel like a full-time job. But the Symantec Backup Exec portfolio lets you manage and automate your backups across your entire environment from a single console. And that means you'll be working more efficiently.

Flexible Data Restoration

If you have a suitable solution in place to ensure that all of your business data is safely backed up, congratulations. But don't rest on your laurels just yet—the real test of your backups comes when you have to restore lost, corrupted, or destroyed data. When it comes to your critical data, time is of the essence, and you need to be able to restore the data you need ASAP to resume normal operations.

That's where the Symantec Backup Exec portfolio adds efficiencies. It allows you to recover just what you need from your virtual servers and applications rather than restoring the entire backup. What's more, it includes patent-pending Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) to quickly recover critical Microsoft application data. You can easily restore Exchange mailboxes and individual emails, along with SharePoint items and documents and Active Directory data.

Hardware can be replaced; operating systems and applications can be reinstalled. But if you don’t properly back up your data, you might lose it forever. You can count on the Symantec Backup Exec family of products to simplify the process of backing up crucial data. Your critical data will be safe, freeing you and your employees to do what you do best—running the business.

To learn more about the Backup Exec Portfolio visit www.backupexec.com to find the right backup solution to fit your business needs.

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