What Would You Give Up to Telecommute?

To some U.S. workers, telecommuting is a higher priority than many of life's perks, including raises, vacation time, shopping and social media.

Among 2,630 workers surveyed, a significant percentage said they'd be willing to make certain sacrifices in order to be able to work from home. Among the amenities they're willing to do without are: social media (cited by 34%), texting (30%), chocolate (29%), smartphones (25%), shopping (20%), a salary increase (17%), half of vacation days (15%) and daily showers (12%). A small number (5%) said they'd even be willing to give up their spouse in order to telecommute.

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Harris Interactive conducted the survey on behalf of TeamViewer, a maker of remote access and online meetings software.

The majority of respondents (62%) believe that more people want the option to telecommute, and most (83%) think telecommuting is on the rise. In particular, roughly half of respondents said smartphones and tablets are increasing the use of telecommuting (cited by 53%) and acknowledged that telecommuting is getting easier (49%).

When asked about productivity, 54% said they would be at least somewhat more productive as a telecommuter versus working in an office every day, and 32% said they would be much more productive.

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