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The iPhone turns 5

Five years ago today, the original iPhone was released and changed smartphones forever.

Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone 8 Events, Youtube Blocks MP3 Transcoding Sites, AMD's New GPU

PCWorld Editors cover all the Microsoft news of the week, plus the new Radeon HD 7970

Quantum Conundrum PC Review

Looking for a little light-hearted adventure this weekend? Check out Quantum Conundrum, a great PC puzzle game that you can buy on Steam right now for less than twenty bucks.

Privacy Watch: Spotflux Guards Your Privacy for Free

A new startup's free app anonymizes and encrypts your connection, and scans for malware, while you browse.

The Best Indie Games Of E3 2012

There are a bunch of great indie games at E3 that provide a welcome respite from the glut of gritty shoot-em-ups that dominate the show floor. Here are a few you should pay attention to.

5 Games You May Have Missed At E3 2012

This year E3 is all about sequels, but we found a few hidden gems on the show floor that nobody expected to see.

E3 2012: Virtual Violence Fatigue Settles In

Shooter fatigue is a big trend among E3 attendees this year, and may change how games are made and sold in the years to come.

E3 2012: Hands-On With Hawken

This PC free-to-play game puts you into the virtual cockpit of a hulking war machine, and fans of mech combat games are going to love it.

5 Things You Need To Know About The Elder Scrolls Online

We spent some time with Bethesda’s new MMO The Elder Scrolls Online at E3 2012, and here’s what you need to know.

Sony at E3: Games Take Center Stage

In a classic “show, don’t tell” approach, Sony showed off a lot of great games during its E3 conference but failed to back up the flashy demos with cold, hard facts.

Nintendo at E3

E3 2012: Nintendo Conference Liveblog

This fall, Nintendo will begin selling the successor to the hugely successful Wii, named the Wii U. At its E3 conference keynote, we expect to hear all about the launch lineup, and a lot about the 3DS as well.

TwitchTV, Alienware and SteelSeries Create Scholarship Program For Gamers

Unveiled at E3 2012, the 2012 TwitchTV and Alienware Scholarship can help you pay for college if you're good at games.

Microsoft E3

E3 2012: Microsoft Conference Liveblog

Join our liveblog of the Microsoft keynote conference from E3 2012 as Microsoft discusses the road ahead for Xbox, and maybe even the PC and Windows Phone.

Windows 8 Release Preview, Desktop Apps for Android, and the coming E3 Expo on PCWorld Podcast #139

PCWorld editors discuss the just-released Windows 8 Release Preview, some apps to make your desktop or laptop PC work with your Android phone, and what we expect from the E3 Expo next week.

Privacy Watch: Encrypts Email for Free

Stash this bit of code in your browser bookmarks, and you can use it to safeguard particularly sensitive messages.