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Vizio doubles down on Windows 8 at CES (video)

Vizio comes to Vegas bearing new laptops, desktops, and a brand-new Windows 8 tablet.

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: It's Christmas in heaven!

It's our holiday show! Our favorite holiday movies, music, and games that made lasting holiday memories.

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Play This! Podcast: Do you level up?

Veronica Belmont joins us to talk about Letterpress, Walking Dead, 80's RPGs, and BSG.

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Play This! Podcast: Dude, Christians get around!

From Halo 4 to Baba Yetu to Hotline Miami, today's conversation centers around great music from video games.

Windows 8 deep dive: Get to know your Photos app

It makes your pictures look pretty, but is Microsoft's snazzy new Photos app powerful enough to meet your needs? Join us as we take a closer look.

Windows 8 deep dive: Get to know your SkyDrive app

We take a tour of the good, bad, and just plain confusing features of Microsoft's cloud storage service.

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Play This! Podcast: Can I stream it?

Jackie Talbott joins us to talk about how you can find streaming media online.

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Play This! Podcast: It's Schwarzageddon!

It's Steve Martin, Schwarzenegger, and mobile games on the 10th episode of the Play This! podcast.

Can you spot all the video game references in "Wreck-it Ralph"?

Here's what you need to know before you watch Disney's animated love letter to video games.

How to master Storage Spaces in Windows 8

Windows 8’s new Storage Spaces feature makes it easier than ever to manage and back up data across multiple drives.

Review: The Razer Deathstalker Ultimate gaming keyboard

The gimmicky features and average performance of Razer's new gaming keyboard don't justify the price of entry.

Master Windows 8 gesture commands

Get more done in less time on your desktop or tablet by mastering Windows 8 touch controls and their keyboard/mouse equivalents.

Play This! Halloween

Play This! Podcast: Halloween special

It's the Play This! Podcast Halloween special! Carlos, Jason, and a double-dose of Alex turn off the lights and turn on the flashlights to tell you about the Halloween movies and scary games. There's even a bonus special: the TechHive Halloween Playlist.

10 Windows 8 apps you should download first

Windows 8 is all about the apps. Here are some suggestions on what you should download first.

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Play This! Podcast: What's up, Jad Abumrad?

It's The Simpsons meets FarmVille, Spotify apps for music discovery, and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on our latest episode.