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applemusic android lead

Apple Music feels at home on Android, but it's missing a few things

Far from a quick-and-dirty iOS port, the music service looks and acts like a proper Android app.

fivetotry nov6 lead

Five to Try: The New York Times gets into VR, and Octodad serves up wacky fun

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viewmaster vr front

The best cheap Cardboard VR viewer is… Mattel's View-Master?

It looks like a toy, but this sturdy phone-based VR viewer is ideal for the whole family.


fivetotry oct30 lead

Five to Try: YouTube Red kills the ads, and The Walking Dead tries strategic slaying

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fivetotry oct23 lead

Five to Try: Instagram's Boomerang tosses out loopy clips, and Prune is a peaceful puzzler

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fivetotry oct16 lead

Five to Try: Minecraft: Story Mode begins, and Perch turns old phones into smart cameras

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fivetotry oct9 lead2

Five to Try: SwiftKey's brainy new keyboard, and Psych! might power your next party

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classic games lead

20 classic games you can play on your Android phone

Looking for a gaming great? Here's a stack of old favorites from 2000 and earlier.


fivetotry oct2 lead

Five to Try: Showtime cuts the cord, and Need for Speed goes free-to-play

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fivetotry sept25 lead

Five to Try: FIFA 16 improves its Ultimate Team, and Khan Academy brings its smarts to Android

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streaming media lead2

10 subscription services to fill your Android phone with entertainment

Books, magazines, anime, and more: all-you-can-consume subscriptions beyond Netflix and Spotify.


fivetotry sept18 lead

Five to Try: Android Pay starts rolling out, and Spotify amps up your runs

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fivetotry sept11 lead

Five to Try: Star Wars: Uprising is a freebie RPG, and Google Wallet gets personal with money

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fivetotry sept4 lead

Five to Try: Hopper helps you score cheap flights, and Pokémon hits the Play Store

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fivetotry aug28 lead

Five to Try: Cortana is ready to assist, and Lara Croft GO is a puzzling treat

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