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fivetotry aug21 lead

Five to Try: Pac-Man 256 is a remixed arcade addiction, and Bing preempts Google's Now on Tap

Refresh your phone with the top new Android apps and games on the Play Store.


fivetotry aug14 lead

Five to Try: Robinhood offers no-fee trading, and Fallout Shelter is post-apocalyptic fun

Here are the five—well, make that seven—new apps and games you need to check out this week.

fivetotry aug7 lead

Five to Try: Microsoft Translator hits phones and watches, and Accomplish gets to-do tasks done

Here's a look at the Play Store's most intriguing new Android apps and games.

fivetotry july31 lead

Five to Try: Angry Birds 2 finally arrives, and send self-destructing messages with Kaboom

Don't get lost in the Play Store: here are the new Android apps and games you need to check out this week.

parental controls lead

How to make your Android device safe for kids

Let your kids learn and play on your phone or tablet without fear of stumbling into risqué content—or mucking up your stuff.

fivetotry july24 lead

Five to Try: Pac-Man is back in Championship Edition DX, and Jet arrives to take on Amazon

Load up on this week's most exciting new Android apps and games.

fivetotry july17 lead

Five to Try: HBO Now finally hits Android, and This War of Mine is a gripping tale of survival

All the new apps and games you need to beat (or enjoy) the heat this weekend.

google cardboard gettingstarted lead

How to get started with Cardboard, Google's DIY virtual reality headset

Want to strap your smartphone to your face? It's cheap and relatively easy.

fivetotry july10 lead

Five to Try: The Star Wars app stokes fandom, and Alphabear is a clever, charming word game

Refresh your device with our picks for the top new Android apps and games.

fivetotry july2 lead

Five to Try: Vainglory delivers mobile MOBA action, and stream the Tour de France

Before the holiday begins, load your phone with the hottest new Android apps and games.

fivetotry june26 lead

Five to Try: Microsoft Office hits phones, and Geometry Wars 3 is a blast

Work, play, and prospective dog friends: our roundup of new Android apps has it all.


fivetotry june19 lead

Five to Try: Photoshop Mix enables easy image merging, and FireWhip hurts so good

This week's Play Store highlights include productivity apps—but also plenty of fun, too.

fivetotry june12 lead

Five to Try: PBS Video delivers loads of free TV, and Brickies updates the brick-breaker

These are the new and updated Android apps worth digging into this week.

fivetotry june5 lead

Five to Try: Final Fantasy Tactics hits Android, and Imgur makes wasting time even easier

It's mostly games and entertainment this week, but that's a nice change of pace.


fivetotry may29 lead

Five to Try: Google Photos gets smart and unlimited, plus Periscope's easy video streaming

Also Inbox by Gmail opens up wide, and a new Tomb Raider game hits Android.