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Beware scammers gathering data via fake social net IDs

Spear phishing is one of the most effective ways to break into a corporate network, and recent studies show that employees can be easily tricked on social media.

Phishing increase builds on hijacked brand names, study reports

The number of brands used in spoofed emails that trick people into visiting malicious Web sites or clicking on malware attachments rose in the second quarter.


Chrome's effort at efficiency may leave users vulnerable

Google Chrome saves some personal data in a way that could be exploited by malware, security experts say.

Hackers may exploit holes caused by memory crashes

Sophisticated attackers could soon adopt an innovative technique for bypassing one of the most effective mechanisms for preventing a Windows security breach, researchers say.

Mobile shopping still stalled by security worries, hassle

Without exception, using a credit or debit card was deemed more secure than a mobile phone, whether the purchase was made in-store or online, according to a survey sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance and PayPal. In addition, the personal computer was seen as the safest option for accessing the Web by 62 percent of the respondents versus six percent who chose a smartphone.

NSA chief asks tech firms to team on cybesecurity

While some experts welcome the opportunity to share security procedures with government agencies, another considers it a Trojan horse for more access to Americans' communications.


Internet Explorer hackers use same tools as Bit9 attack

Infrastructure and tools used by hackers originate from network infrastructure in China, security firm Symantec says

icann domains

ICANN plan to close domain database called 'disquieting'

ICANN's plan to close access to the WHOIS domain name record system is criticized as a move to put too much power into one group's hands

Mobile Device Management companies get more app control on iOS 7

Apple is providing MDM APIs that better allow vendors to 'take advantage of the operating system hooks to provide application-level security'

facebook law

Court ruling offers mixed view of boss's access to Facebook

Social media law evolves with a recent federal court ruling that recognizes some Facebook data can stay private under the Stored Communications Act.

facebook privacy

Facebook's disclosures remind us not to count on privacy

In releasing its first report on government requests for user information, Facebook is reminding consumers and businesses that using the Internet today requires self-censorship.

smartphone malware

Malware hijacks mobile ad networks to siphon money

With more smartphones shipping than PCs, mobile ad networks open up the perfect backdoor for downloading code

Android becomes Windows' equal as a target for hackers

Windows, with its greater levels of adoption, has long been the preferred target of hackers; for the mobile world, that dubious title clearly now goes to Android, security researchers say.

baby monitor

Creep hacks into baby monitor over Internet to yell obscenities at sleeping toddler

In addition to lax passwords, manufacturer lacks a effective way to get its patches and updates out to customers.

Twitter's new security feature: Good intention but a hassle

Like Google and Facebook, Twitter is experimenting with multi-factor authentication