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Java security improvements not a panacea for Oracle

Oracle, which acquired Java with the purchase of Sun Microsystems in 2010, has been criticized for moving too slowly to stop Java exploits.

Twitter's stronger security isn't bulletproof, experts warn

For celebrities and the average Joe, having two-factor authentication turned on won't protect them against determined hackers, however


Google security plan targets login authentication, hijacking

Some of the technology has to be deployed together for maximum security, making the process complicated, said one security expert

Despite hack, security experts urge no fear of Google Glass

Because of the hardware limitations, jailbreaking the device did not add much more risk than a rooted smartphone, one security expert said

Google Play tweaks create cautious optimism for Android security

Making app updates available only via the store will improve security on Google's mobile platform, but experts are not sure how much

Malware found scattered by cyber espionage attacks

Despite the exposure of the cyberespionage, Operation Beebus is still active, although its infrastructure has changed

Study shows brainwaves could be security for wearable tech

With the next wave in consumer electronics expected to be wearable gadgets, researchers are evaluating the use of thought-based authentication with the technology.

trojan horse

Trojan horse malware destroys delivery files to hide its tactics

Microsoft is reporting discovery of a sneaky new Trojan program is designed to hide its tracks so that security researchers can't analyze its methods.

Email privacy in focus as Tax Day arrives

Opponents of warrantless email gathering include Internet companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook -- and some lawmakers.

The experts agree: Ban Facebook Home in your BYOD workplace

Social network's new overlay for Android smartphones 'would be the first thing I would block on my network,' said one security adviser.

Businesses and activists wrestle over California privacy bill

For privacy advocates, bill a 'foundational step,' but the Chamber of Commerce says proposed law goes too far.

Security firm suspects hired guns in South Korean cyberattacks

Symantec believes the people behind both attacks were just doing their job because of the backdoor file's directory path leading to where the code was compiled on disk in the creator's computer.

US limits agency use of Chinese gear, citing cyberespionage

Obama signs law requiring NASA, Justice and Commerce departments get clearance from the FBI before buying IT systems from China-related firms

Mobile Android malware rears its ugly head

Android malware used in targeted attacks is seen as warning to U.S. companies that mobile OSes are the likely path to cyberespionage attacks.

Following breaches, experts call for two-factor authentication on Twitter

While two-factor authentication is not a silver bullet, it is a necessary step toward better security, said one analyst