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Hactivist group Team Ghostshell takes credit for extensive breach

The group claims to have stolen information from the Department of Homeland Security Information Network, the Federal Reserve and Interpol

Nationwide Insurance hack highlights corporations' liability

The recent news about a data breach at Nationwide and Allied Insurance reinforces companies' biggest security fears, which includes worries about liability for loss of customers' private information. Some security experts suggest this is just the incentive that some companies need to implement better security measures.

Anonymous said to be planning cyberattack on ITU site

Discussions in chat rooms used by Anonymous indicate members will attack the International Telecommunications Union's site on Dec. 8


Security firms warn of malware that exploits Windows AutoRun

A spreading exploit uses the Windows AutoRun feature, but security experts say it may be spreading through simple file-sharing since the newest versions of Windows 7 will not launch autorun.inf files.

SMBs face the biggest threats from Cyber Monday shopping

Updating your browsers and clamp down on plug-ins, experts say.


Antivirus startup linked to infamous Chinese hacker

Anvisoft, a Chinese antivirus startup, has been linked to an infamous hacker suspected of developing sophisticated malware used to siphon sensitive information from Defense Department contractors in 2006.

Google follows Apple's lead with Android app security screening

Android 4.2 'Jelly Bean' uses trusted third-party to vet apps, unlike Apple's own internal review of App Store apps

Android malware variant pretends to be a security app

Android Security Suite Premium - loaded with Zeus variant ZitMo - is a threat to companies given the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend.

Vupen security researchers finger Windows 8 holes

Security researchers at Vupen say they've identified a flaw in Windows 8 that allows remote code execution. The complexity of the operating system means it's unlikely to ever be bulletproof, the security firm says.

Cyberattacks victimizing largest banks, feds say

Hackers are stealing customer credentials through malware installed on mobile phones and PCs in phishing attacks.

Data breach victims could get damages from careless firms

Courts are becoming open to holding companies liable for damage their customers suffer in data breaches caused by careless security efforts.

Windows 8 ramps up early malware detection

Security experts say Windows 8 is the most secure Microsoft operating system to date, but that doesn't mean malware won't evolve to exploit it.

Android adware threatening user privacy, study says

Two ad networks, AIRPUSH and ADWLEADBOLT, indicative of the trend toward privacy abuse, says Trend Micro

Verizon Wireless raises privacy ire over data collection

Verizon says data-gathering does not violate Wiretap Act because the data cannot be linked to a single customer, but advocates are crying foul.

Hacker rift: Anonymous takes offense at WikiLeaks

A rift has developed between WikiLeaks and the hacker collective Anonymous, threatening a partnership that the rebel groups have leveraged in their self-described campaigns against government secrecy and corporate malfeasance. Anonymous is annoyed at a donation page on the WikiLeaks site and believes the organization is too focused on its founder, Assange