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Armando is an Android nerd, covering both apps and phones, and a former programmer. He is also a world-class heckler on Twitter.

Pantech Flex review: A good looking budget phone

The Pantech Flex may look good, but its call quality wasn't all that hot.

What you need to know about BlackBerry 10

Not sure what to make of BlackBerry 10? We answer your questions about Research In Motion's upcoming OS update after Tuesday's preview.

Up close with BlackBerry 10

Research In Motion is showing off the latest build of its BlackBerry 10 platform, and Armando Rodriguez gets a close-up look at some of the features the company has planned for its mobile OS.

Photo by Robert Cardin

How does the iPhone 5 stack up against the competition?

Our Android expert, Armando Rodriguez, sizes up the iPhone 5 against the competition.

Optimus G could be the comeback that LG needs

LG has had some stumbles as of late. But the newly announced Optimus G smartphone sounds like it can hold its own against the Nokia Lumias and Samsung Galaxy S IIIs of the world.

Samsung Galaxy Note II hits U.S. mid-November

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is heading stateside this November.

You Should Play: Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is an addictive and ruthlessly difficult game that everyone should try out.

What the new iPhone has to live up to

With Apple likely announcing iPhone 5 likely this week, we look at the other heavyweight contenders.

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Armando Rodriguez gets some hands-on time with the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II and shares his thoughts on this enormous phone.

First Look: Droid Razr M offers great specs at great price

Over at TechHive, Armando Rodriguez spends some time with Motorola's new Android phone and comes away impressed.

Droid Razr M Review: Great specs at a great price

After spending some time with the newly announced Droid Razr M, Armando Rodriguez finds it to be a top notch Android smartphone and the best phone around for budget-minded buyers.

Samsung sticks to its guns, gives us more Android

Samsung had a lot to show off at IFA today, but some questions still remain.

Sony adds three new Xperia phones to its Android line up

At IFA in Berlin, Sony showed off three new Android Xperia phones.

TechHive: 3 Reasons Why QWERTY Phones Are Awesome

In an age when people text more than talk, physical keyboards for phones are still pretty darn important.

3 Reasons QWERTY phones are awesome

It's time to bring physical phone keyboards back.