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Hordes of zombie games overrun E3

We hope you like slaughtering animated corpses, because 2013 is shaping up to be the Year of the Zombie Game.

Square Enix provides more questions than answers at E3 Q&A

Square Enix gave reporters a chance to ask a few questions about Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts at E3. Unfortunately, CEO Yosuke Matsuda didn't have many answers.

The Evil Within aims to make horror games scary again

Bethesda's new horror title features a creepy atmosphere, horrific enemies, and interesting story-telling.

Touring Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online

If our hands-on time with Bethesda's game taught us anything, it's the perils of accepting quests from animals.

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: What you'll really spend

The prices for the next generation of gaming have been revealed. But what will it really cost to get the most out of your new console?

Yes, there's a trade show for augmented reality, and its demos are enchanting

From musical pants to stinky phones, this year's Augmented World Expo showed us our wonderful (and terrifying) augmented future.

EA sticking to the franchises it's famous for

There may not have been anything new under the sun for Electronic Arts at E3 Monday, but the company's press conference was packed full of hot games such as Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals, and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare.

Microsoft talks games at E3

Here are details on the Xbox One and other announcements made Monday from Microsoft's press event at the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles. Click the link to replay the event with our added commentary and coverage.

Wearable computing pioneer Steve Mann: Who watches the watchmen?

We chat with Steve Mann about Glass, privacy, and the benefits of wearable tech.

Toshiba announces the first tablets to ship with Nvidia Tegra 4 processors

Toshiba's three new Android tablets sound interesting on paper, but do they have what it takes to knock the iPad off its throne?

Review: The Nokia Lumia 928 found a way to make Windows Phone even less appealing

Even though it's packing a great low-light camera, the Nokia Lumia 928 feels stale next to the competition.

Why you won't benefit from Google's unlocked phones

Google likes to crow about unlocked smartphones running stock Android, but these handsets aren't for everyone.

Busting the 7 worst myths about Google Glass

Don't let media hype dictate what you think you know about Google's headset. We've using Glass for two weeks, and are ready to separate fact from fiction.

Hands-on: Facebook and Twitter's Glass apps let you post from your face

Two new Glass apps from social media's biggest players let you share photos to a service other than Google+. But that's about it.