Ashleigh AllsoppSenior Staff Writer, Macworld U.K.

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Ashleigh is Senior Staff Writer for the Tech Media group in the U.K. An Apple fan through-and-through, she keeps readers up to date with the latest news, reviews, features and tutorials. She particularly enjoys spreading the gossip about upcoming Apple products and pondering over leaked parts. When she isn’t busy typing about tech, Ashleigh can be found with her head buried in a novel. Unless there’s a McFly concert happening somewhere.

Apple Beats Proview's Trademark Claim in California

A California judge has dismissed Proview's lawsuit against Apple over the iPad trademark, it has been reported.

Apple Readies OS X for Retina Display Macs

The recent OS X 10.7.4 update hides some changes that may seem minor at first glance, but could indicate that Apple is about to launch something major.

Disney Pairs RFID Chips, iPads for FastPass Update

Guests can test the new system, which involves FastPass cards containing RFID chips, with cast members tracking traffic via iPad.

Apple Saving Liquidmetal for 'Breakthrough Product'

One of the inventors of Liquidmetal says Apple is likely to use the alloy in its MacBook line, but not the next MacBook Pro.

iOS Apps That Make You Think and Excite: Gifture, Logos Quiz Game and SloPro

These apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch turn photos into animated GIFs, test your knowledge of logos, and create slow motion video on your handset.

Apple Patent Applications Hint of Next-Gen Plans

Apple's patent applications describe an advanced, multi-tiered haptic technology that allows "textured feedback" as well as updated battery design and camera.

EA Says Rock Band for iOS Isn't Closing

Rock Band maker Electronic Arts assured customers it was not shutting down its iOS version of the popular music game despite a message sent out earlier this week by the company announcing it would close the game.

Windows Phone Is 'Beautiful', Better Than Android: Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak prefers his Windows Phone to Android, but the iPhone is still his favorite.