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gear vr

Oculus shuts down the Gear VR app on Galaxy Note7

Oculus disabled the Gear VR app for Samsung's Galaxy Note7, because you don't want your phone blowing up when it's strapped to your face.

oculus rift 4

Oculus Rift's new software drops the price of VR-ready PCs to $500

Oculus Rift's new asynchronous spacewarp feature helps lower the cost of entry for VR-ready PC hardware.

oculus rooms gaming

Oculus provides a tantalizing glimpse at social VR's future

At Oculus Connect 3, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg provided a tantalizing glimpse at what social VR could become.

gears marcus jd

Tested: Gears of Wars 4 PC benchmarks yield glorious graphics options galore

Gears of War 4 lands on the PC the same day as consoles thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere, and it's clear this port is no second-class citizen.

nexus6p or5x 2589

Google's Nexus is dead

It's official: Google's Nexus device lineup is no more, usurped by premium Pixel hardware.

nexus 5x 02

Google Store purges hardware, including Nexus phones, Nvidia's Shield TV, and more

RIP Nexus? The Google Store today gave the ax to several big-name devices, including the Nexus Phones and Nvidia's Shield TV.

google wifi chromecast ultra home pixel phones daydream vr

Everything at Google's hardware event: Pixel phones, 4K Chromecast, and more

The hardware came fast and furious at Google's Oct. 4 hardware event, but beneath the Pixel phones and Google Home lay software connecting it all.

daydream view hero

Google's fabric-clad Daydream View headset aims to make mobile VR easy-peasy

Google revealed Daydream View on Tuesday, a mobile VR headset that revolves around a simple, easy user experience. And a lot of fabric.

tfn 0008a.01 03 24 16.still011

The Full Nerd Episode 8: Gaming laptops, 4K gaming, and a $500 PC build showdown

Gordon, Brad, and Alaina show off awesome gaming laptops, talk 4K, and throw down in an epic $500 PC build contest.

windows 10 working

16 useful Windows 10 tools that help you get more done

Microsoft has stuffed Windows 10 full of productivity-enhancing tools and features that streamline common pain points.

pixel overview

Meet Pixel, a gorgeous, much-needed visual overhaul for Raspberry Pi's main distro

The new Pixel desktop environment for Raspbian gives the Raspberry Pi's operating system a gorgeous new look.

new windows 10 logo primary

PSA: Windows 10's Anniversary Update reactivates ads you've already disabled

Ad-related settings you've tweaked are the only settings reset when you upgrade to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

technologies you shouldn't buy yet

10 utterly wonderful technologies you shouldn't buy yet

These are great! But be patient, 'cause they need a bit more time to be fully baked.

computer build repair table stock

Cheap, but good: How to build a budget PC for less than $300

This cheap but capable $300 budget desktop PC will outperform any laptop in the same price range.

angry linux

Lenovo laptops refuse to run Linux due to storage woes, not Microsoft evildoing

Lenovo's Windows 10 PCs can't run Linux due to RAID storage conflicts, not Microsoft intervention.