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10 Terrific LTE Smartphones for $150 or Less

As Verizon Pushes Data Caps, Sprint Waves Unlimited Option

As the carriers tweak their plans, competitors jockey to lure customers with alternatives.

Angry Birds Tops Companies' List of Banned Apps

It seems that your boss doesn't want you to launch digital birds at evil green pigs during office hours.

Months After Failed AT&T Merger, T-Mobile Champions Competitive Balance

Given its very recent attempts to merge with AT&T, you would think T-Mobile wouldn't be a vocal proponent of maintaining competitive balance in the wireless industry.

American Moms Love Facebook, Survey Shows

If you're looking for a last-minute gift for Mother's Day, don't bother sending her a Facebook invite - chances are, she's probably already on it.

CTIA Wireless 2012 Product Primer

Verizon Not Launching Voice Over LTE Anytime Soon

Verizon may be heavily promoting LTE for data, but that doesn't mean it's going to start pushing it for voice services anytime soon.

Samsung's Galaxy S III: 4 Things to Know

From killer hardware to insightful software, Samsung's latest entry has an impressive list of features as well as some promises.

Verizon Promoting LTE as Home Broadband Alternative

Verizon is charging $60 a month for 10GB of data, $90 a month for 20GB of data and $120 a month for 30GB of data.

RIM Faces Trouble Despite BlackBerry 10

The last couple of years have obviously not been kind to Research in Motion, which is why the company has been hoping to generate some much-needed positive buzz by unveiling portions of its upcoming BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system this week.

Small Businesses Are the Vast Majority of Google Apps Early Adopters

While Google is pitching Google Apps as an ideal productivity solution for enterprises, a large majority of its early adopters are small businesses.

Watch Out Apple: Samsung, Qualcomm Positioned to Dominate LTE Patent Wars

Although most smartphone patent disputes so far have revolved around mobile operating systems, you can expect a lot more suits to focus on LTE technologies in coming months.