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Senior Editor Brandon Butler covers the cloud computing industry for Network World by focusing on the advancements of major players in the industry, tracking end user deployments and keeping tabs on the hottest new startups. He contributes to and is the author of the Cloud Chronicles blog. Before starting at Network World in January 2012, he worked for a daily newspaper in Massachusetts and the Worcester Business Journal, where he was a senior reporter and editor of MetroWest 495 Biz. Email him at and follow him on Twitter @BButlerNWW.

How the Cloud Changes the Virtual Desktop Landscape

While cloud computing and virtualization, along with a focus on small and midsize businesses, are expected to be major trends at this year's VMworld show, the virtual desktop infrastructure players are looking to make some news this week as well.

Amazon's Glacier Storage Service Could Give Tape a Run for Its Money

Amazon has opened up a market for archival storage in the clouds, analysts say, one that others have tried but gave up on.

Cloud Company Ending 'Lifetime' Hosting Promise

As consolation, Joyent is offering customers the free use of one of the company's SmartMachines for one year.

VMware, Rackspace Offer Free or Low-cost Cloud Trials

Two of the bigger names in cloud computing -- VMware and Rackspace -- have each released today low-cost or free trial versions of their cloud offerings.

Facebook 'Like' Prompts Lawsuit, Free Speech Debate

The ACLU and Facebook both weigh in on case of deputy sheriff who says he was fired over politics.

Recent Cloud Critics, Including Wozniak, Intensify Debate

Cloud computing has taken some heat this week.

Are Enterprise Collaboration Tools All the Rage?

Talk to Dan Schoenbaum, the newly announced CEO of enterprise collaboration company Teambox, and he'll tell you the market for applications that let workers share files using cloud-based tools, collaborate instantaneously and access the software anywhere is ripe to take off.

Facebook, Twitter Accounts of Yankees, Other Teams Compromised

The official social media accounts of several Major League Baseball teams were compromised Thursday, leading to some embarrassing messages appearing on the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Google Cloud vs. Amazon Cloud: How They Stack up

Google's new IaaS cloud boasts strong compute performance but lacks the breadth of features in Amazon Web Services' 4-year-old Elastic Compute Cloud, according to one industry analyst's side-by-side comparison of the services.

Netflix Uncages Chaos Monkey Disaster Testing System

Netflix has released Chaos Monkey, which it uses internally to test the resiliency of its Amazon Web Services cloud computing architecture.

Olympics Could Strain Enterprise Networks

The Olympics happen every two years, but according to media watchers and IT professionals, the impact of the Olympics on communications traffic globally from this year's games could be more significant than any in the 116-year history of the modern games.