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Carlos Rodela loves all things digital. He's a host for a variety of webshows on the internet and is still playing Skyrim.

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: An Animal Crossing intervention

Carlos, Jason, and Alex C. live second lives as Animal Crossing characters. Stay tuned as they discuss bells and the finer points of turnip sales.

TechHive at E3: Day One is over, but the show is just starting

Our summary of the first day of E3 2013 finds us exhausted, ears ringing, and frustrated at Nintendo. But we saw a lot of games!

First-person video at E3: Setting up the show

Before the E3 expo floor opens, there's not a lot to see but some banners, ads, and a lot of teamsters setting up.

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: Humble Bundle, Longmire, and what's on the horizon for E3

It's just Carlos and Hayden this week having an intimate discussion about indie games, Longmire, Grooveshark, and what they expect at E3.

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: Star Trek blows our mind and we predict Nintendo's smartphone

Alex, Carlos, and Jason discuss the phenomenal new Star Trek and predict how Nintendo will go into smartphones on the cusp of a console flop.

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: What's going on with the Wii U?

Alex and Carlos discuss the most beleaguered new console to arrive in a long time. Will the Wii U survive?

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: Starseed Pilgrim, YouTube videos, 80s TV, and The Sims

Even though a documentary about the fall of Detroit is super depressing, Carlos thinks you should watch it.

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: Monaco, Bravest Warriors, and the clothes they wear on TV

Carlos and Jason are joined by Alex Cocilova to talk about Monaco, Bravest Warriors, and the clothes they wear on TV.

TechHive TechWatch: Google Glass, Microsoft smartwatch, Facebook Home ads

This week on TechWatch, Carlos and Jon ponder what's missing from Google's glasses, fondly remember Microsoft's first smartwatch, and question whether Facebook Home is safe for the workplace.

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: Bioshock Infinite spoilers and serial TV drama

Carlos, Jason, and Alex finally get to break down the whole ending of Bioshock Infinite. If you haven't finished the game, you'll want to skip most of this one.

TechWatch Logo

TechHive TechWatch: Facebook Home, iPhone 5S and Xbox Durango

On the premiere episode of TechHive's weekly news show, Carlos Rodela and Jon Phillips riff on Facebook's new smartphone software, Apple rumors, and Microsoft's upcoming game console.

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: Starcraft, Roku 3, Downton Abbey, Larry King Now, and Veronica Mars

It's a smorgasbord of online entertainment in this weeks' Play This podcast, from the Veronica Mars movie kickstarter to the reason why Downton Abbey is so good.

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: Tomb Raider, SimCity, and Justified

Carlos and the two Alexes talk about the latest games they've been playing, and a great show you should stream, Justified.

Five highlights from the SXSW Gaming Expo

The SXSW Gaming Expo gave us a quick preview on what we can expect to see at larger gaming expos later this year. Here are five things that caught our eye.

Defiance moves seamlessly between game and TV show

Defiance, a new video game and TV show hybrid, is a near-perfect example of how these two forms of media can interact with each other to create one unified story across different platforms.