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Cassandra Khaw is an entry-level audiophile, a street dancer, a person who writes about video games for a living, and someone who spends too much time on Twitter.

BrickPi marries Lego Mindstorms and Raspberry Pi; baby robots imminent

Not everyone knows how to design a Lego robot from scratch, but with BrickPi, the process could be much easier.


This Week in Lego: Appliances for the kitchen and mechanical menaces

Take your passion for Lego into the kitchen or make it into a 4-foot-tall replica of an organic mecha. We don't care; it's all still awesome to us!

VRcade aims to be the world's first virtual reality arcade

In this era of home entertainment and personal computing, VRcade might just be what video game arcades needed to be cool again.

How one woman's abduction led to the Watch Over Me app

After she narrowly escaped a kidnapping, Chin Xin-Chi created a mobile app to help prevent other women from becoming victims themselves. Here is her story.

DIY 'Karma Controller' makes it easier than ever to waste your time on Reddit

Upvote. Downvote. It's so hard. Make time on Reddit easier with the buttons of a Karma Controller.

This Week in Lego: Zoetropes and ghosts and barons, oh my!

Ever wondered what you were missing out while you were busy reading about important stuff? Lego stuff, that's what.

'Gaming in Color' hopes to document diversity in gaming

The full-length documentary 'Gaming in Color' aims to showcase women and the LGBT community's contributions to gaming and game development.

Glowing Plants are a step toward true natural lighting

Glowing Plants is a project to genetically engineer plants to replace the lightbulb. That's pretty wacky.

Roundworms star in OpenWorm, an artificial life simulator

How do you design life? By building it from ground-up, of course. OpenWorm is an attempt to do exactly that.

Siva Cycle's Atom looks to harness pedal power

The Atom is a bike-fitting contraption that converts your locomotive exertion into energy.

Nerdcore mixes geek culture with hip-hop

What is nerdcore? We explore the hows and whys of one of music's newest (and geekiest) subgenres.

IBM makes a movie with just atoms, not large egos

With the economy in constant turmoil, is it time to do like IBM and take out the Hollywood superstars and remove them with sub-molecular particles? While you ponder that, watch this video.

Review: Magicka for iPad is a fun port of its PC counterpart

Broken into stages and the occasional challenge, Magicka is ridiculous, rowdy, and wickedly funny from time to time.

Stadium HD Wireless Headphones pack in built-in music playback

Stadium Audio Group's Stadium HD Wireless Headphones look to combine high-quality sound with music playback, a built-in mic, and more.

The best action games for Android

Make war, not love: Here are the most interesting action games currently available on Android.