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Cassandra Khaw is an entry-level audiophile, a street dancer, a person who writes about video games for a living, and someone who spends too much time on Twitter.

iOgrapher turns your iPad mini into a video rig

The iOgrapher support case could enhance your iPad mini's video capture capabilities.

MLB Mission Control is what you get when NASA meets baseball

Forget old-fashioned widescreen television screens. Try watching your favorite games on the MLB Mission Control instead.

Ego Smartmouse puts other input devices to shame

Mousing technology will take a giant leap forward with the Ego Smartmouse.

MacDock is a minimalist dock for your MacBook Pro

You MacBook Pro's cable clutter's stylish end may come from the MacDock Pro's hand.

Review: For a different way to type on the iPhone, try Fleksy

Fleksy aims to bring “laptop keyboard” level touch-typing to mobile devices, with excellent predictive text to boot.

Turn kicks into light with the Soccket

The Soccket soccer ball converts kinetic energy into stored battery life to power an LED lamp, and possibly more.

Review: Ridiculous Fishing for iOS lives up to its name, but in a good way

First you throw, then you reel, and finally, you shoot. Ridiculous Fishing brings colorful graphics and a variety of gameplay to iOS.

Your heart won't be safe from this Lego bookshelf safe

So, a bookshelf, a safe and some Lego blocks walk into a bar—yes, someone went ahead and made something like that.

The Reservoir aims to charge your mobile devices over and over again

Dark Energy's Reservoir charger offers a potent combination of size and power.

Make forgotten passwords a distant memory with myIDkey

The myIDkey biometrically secure password manager could change the way you deal with your passwords.

iPhone bubble-wrap case will have you popping all day

First there was a case you could eat, now there's an iPhone case you can pop.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 show misses its mark

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch left a bad taste in our mouth.

This massive pi calculation makes our heads hurt (and other stuff you missed)

Just a little late for Pi Day, one mathematician calculated pi to a dizzyingly precise level.

Telepathy One may be a sleeker, more fashionable alternative to Google Glass

Can't afford the Google Glass? Telepathy One may well either be the solution or something that only Kanye West would wear.

Samsung takes on Times Square, as real people react to Galaxy S4

We interviewed people at Samsung's Time Square event to see what they thought of the Galaxy S 4.