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Gmail Blue

Google's Gmail Blue April Fools' spoof becomes a reality

On April Fools' Day search-giant Google 'revealed' a new all-blue look for Gmail. Now, the prank is a reality by way of a swiftly developed Chrome extension.

How the world was set ablaze (and other stuff you missed)

The world’s Internet is running a little slow today, so to save you from hunting for the latest news, your mid-week GeekBytes is here to bring you some stuff you may have missed. In this installment, take a look at a concept poster for Star Wars: Episode VII, a neat little gadget that could breathe new life into your old speakers, and how the world was set on fire (don’t panic).

New York Subway gets giant touchscreens (and other stuff you missed)

Giant touchscreens, helpful iPhone tweaks, and fancy remotes make up today's GeekBytes.

Bomberman-inspired browser game will blow you away (and other stuff you missed)

Boom! It’s your mid-week GeekBytes round-up, providing a respite from the massive phone news (literally) coming out of Mobile World Congress.

48,640 photos give a close-up look at London life (and other stuff you missed)

Holy PlayStation 4, Batman! Sure, Sony may have taken the wraps of their next generation console today, but we think these other stories deserve your attention too

You can now get Grumpy Cat on your desk (and other stuff you missed)

What time is it? It’s time for your mid-week GeekBytes update! In this installment, we take a look at robo-penguins, "buildable" phone cases, and one very grumpy cat.

Responsive text by way of face detection

Experimental website adjusts font size based on your proximity to the screen

Web designer Marko Dugonjic is experimenting with using your webcam as a way to serve responsive web content, namely text that changes size depending on how close you are to your screen.

The Death Star comes to Kickstarter (and other stuff you missed)

The iron is dead. Long live the…cat. Yup, future versions of Monopoly will now include a cat play piece to replace the iron. If that has you in the mood to play some of the classic board game, we suggest you give your mid-week GeekBytes round-up a read first, as the battle for the Boardwalk can get a little long-winded....

Custom 3D-printed Pez dispensers look pretty sweet (and other stuff you missed)

Overloaded with BlackBerry news? Worry not, your mid-week GeekBytes round-up is BlackBerry-free! (Of course, if you have any blackberries for us to eat...)

Pirates leave the bay, head to Berlin (and other stuff you missed)

Today’s GeekBytes catch-up features pirates, motherboard art, and a lumberjack robot—sans the plaid shirt and suspenders

DeLorean Hoverboard

Hovercraft attempts to go Back To The Future (and other stuff you missed)

A DeLorean hovercraft comes back from the future to deliver the midweek edition of GeekBytes.

Here's how much gift wrap it takes to cover a house (and other stuff you missed)

The holidy season is upon us, and so is the pressure to make sure all those gifts are wrapped and ready for the big day—that is, of course, unless you believe that the end is nigh. Either way, here is your midweek round up of stuff you may have missed.

LED lab coat makes you the nerdiest scientist in the lab (and other stuff you missed)

An Arduino powered lab coat designed to let you shine gets the spotlight in your mid-week GeekBytes update.


Commodore 64 gets new games (and other things we didn't cover)

With the help of an Arduino board one parent crated a drone to ensure his kids safety on the school walk.

Will we ever run out of new music? (and other things we didn’t cover)

It’s time for your mid-week GeekBytes update! Today we'll look at the end of new music, a piece of computer history that's back from the dead, and a quicker way to get at Google Street View.