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Review: Jura font looks great big, but reads well small

Interesting enough for posters but legible enough for small print, Ed Merritt's donationware font Jura is great go-to font.

Autumn harvest fonts add a crisp, cool breeze to your text

Autumn is a season to savor. Whether you prefer the bracing air outside or the scent of mulling spices inside, every font here deserves a placecard at your autumn design feast.

Review: Once Upon A Time font's brushwork enchants

Wispy and wistful, Once Upon a Time's calligraphic look works nicely for a few well-chosen words. The lack of punctuation makes it hard to make more formal statements.

Review: JI Nature Bats font creates leaf silhouettes

Compose enigmatic leaf haiku with this beautiful dingbat font. These leaf silhouettes may not look like letters, but they could speak for the trees.

Review: KR Harvest Dings add Thanksgiving icons to your docs

Season your Thanksgiving decorations and communications with these distinctive dingbats. Leaves, pilgrim hats, turkeys, and all the trimmings come together in this font.

Review: Twilight NewMoon font is a timeless beauty

Watching the hours until the next Twilight movie's debut? Hiding in bright sunlight to avoid it? Either way, this beautiful and elegant homage font deserves a long life.

Review: Autumn Gifts font evokes a bountiful harvest

Display font Autumn Gifts uses acorns, corn, and leaves to make letters for a seasonal display.

Halloween fonts that aren't afraid to say "Boo!"

Fonts for Halloween don't have to be sticky-sweet kiddy fare. Whether you need a scary sans serif or a vampire-slaying homage font, these sinister picks are just the thing for your All Hallows Eve party.

Buffied: Take a stab at Halloween with this free font

Even if you've never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffied is a delightfully shiver-inducing font. The letters are well-balanced, making them relatively easy to read for such a stylized font.

Halloween Spider: Spin your words wisely with this creepy font

TrueType font Halloween Spider, nicely designed by Claude, pairs bold uppercase glyphs with spiders that seem to walk across well-placed webs.

Autumn: This font will chill you to the bone

TrueType font Autumn is composed of crooked sticks intertwined to form glyphs. It includes all upper and lower case letters but no punctuation or numbers--and it's complex enough to look best at 60 points and bigger--so plan accordingly.

Trick or Treat: Deck the haunts with Halloween dingbats

The Trick or Treat 2.0 collection of graphics includes 26 distinct Halloween images, including bats, spiders, skulls, ghosts, witches, devils, candy, cats, owls, haunted houses, and an entire murder of crows.

Needleteeth Suite: Free Fonts With Halloween Bite

Razor-sharp TrueType outlines font collection from Chad Savage at Sinister Visions includes two variations, each in two alternating sizes: Regular, Psycho, Creepy, and Spooky.

Free PDF Image Extractor Offers Easy Way to Unlock Images

4Dots Software's handy utility is a no-nonsense tool that won't make a dent in your wallet.