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Colin Neagle manages blogs for Network World, including but not limited to those published on the Cisco Subnet, Microsoft Subnet, and Open Source Subnet. He also writes feature articles and blog posts about emerging technologies, among other things, and he usually doesn't write about himself in the third person, so please don't judge him by this bio.

Study: FAA's ruling on smartphones during takeoff has had little impact

Airlines have seen almost no increase in the use of smartphones, tablets, and laptops among passengers since the Federal Aviation Administration ruled in October that they are now allowed to do so during takeoff and landing. But that's likely to change over time.


Internet engineers urge security against online spies

The IETF has discussed what it could do to turn its plan to protect the web from government spying into action.


Google Glass inspires wearable tech entrepreneurs at DEMO

Google Glass apps dominated the previews of wearable technology at DEMO Fall 2013.

U.S. surveillance erodes its leadership in Internet freedom

Internet freedom has declined in the United States over the past year as a result of its surveillance policies, reflecting a trend that appears to have caught on worldwide, according to a recently released study.

Zuckerberg's Internet sharing push draws doubts, praise

After Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a coalition with several other major tech companies to bring the Internet to areas of the globe that remain disconnected, the tech world reacted with a mix of criticism, mockery, doubt and praise.

MIT's 3D-printing breakthrough evokes Pixar design process

Researchers at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) wanted to make the design process for 3D printing less complex. So, for inspiration, they turned to a tool that has been used by a company that has specialized in 3D design for decades – Pixar.

3D Systems Printer Cube

3D-printed guns show breadth of 3D printing, CEO says

The 3D-printed gun has done the 3D-printing industry a service by demonstrating the broad promise of the technology, says Avi Reichental, president and CEO of 3D Systems.

Even Bitcoin probably can't withstand Prism's prying

In the aftermath of the revelation of Prism, the NSA's data collection program, the virtual currency Bitcoin has been pegged as a more private option; but the virtual currency may not be secure from government surveillance, either.

10 things about Bitcoin every consumer should know

While many in the Bitcoin community discredit the criticism against the currency, no interested party should dive into a Bitcoin engagement without knowing the facts.

LG: Don't expect a flexible-screen smartphone in 2013

Contradicting previous claims made by other executives in the company, Kim Wong, vice president of the European division of LG Mobile, told Dutch site All About Phones that LG will not have a flexible display screen ready by the end of 2013.

Philips Fluid Concept

Bendable, flexible smartphone displays are just a novelty... for now

Although multiple manufacturers are expected to release smartphones with flexible display screens by the end of this year, the technology will be little more than a novelty until about 2015, one analyst says.


3D printers may soon produce guns, startup Wiki Weapon says

An entrepreneur and Second Amendment advocate says his organization is close to printing a 3D gun capable of firing multiple rounds.

Gartner: 3D printers aren't for the average consumer

Consumers getting excited about the idea of at-home 3D printers may not want to get their hopes up anytime soon, Gartner research director Pete Basiliere says.

Big data roadblocks will slow adoption of driverless cars, analyst says

The excitement over recent advancements in autonomous vehicle technology has elicited some optimistic expectations. But one analyst says not until around 2040.

Apps coming to cars, even without phones

Smartphones have had a massive impact on the driving world in the past few years, from saving drivers money on GPS navigation to monitoring their fuel output. Pretty soon, cars will be able to do all this on their own.