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Samsung debuts Galaxy S II Plus, banking on success of S II

The Galaxy S II Plus is smaller than the Galaxy S III but larger than the Galaxy S III Mini

Netflix offers 'Super HD' streaming to select ISPs

Super HD is basically Netflix's branding for 1080p full HD content.

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Google rolls out free Wi-Fi service to New York City's Chelsea neighborhood

The service was created in partnership with the Chelsea Improvement Group, a local nonprofit

Kingston's 1TB thumb drive packs massive storage capacity in tiny package

The USB 3.0 flash drive is not yet shipping, but you can get it in a 512GB model, which costs a whopping $1750

Apple's iOS edges Android in US during holidays, study says

A study from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reports that Apple's iOS was the top-selling smartphone platform in the U.S. during the late 2012 holiday shopping season, although Android has the edge worldwide by most estimates.

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Facebook adds voice and chat to its Messenger apps

A new function in both the iOS and Android versions of Facebook supports voice messaging. Facebook is also testing mobile messaging over VoIP.


Google tests integrating Gmail activities into search results

Some features of the Google Now service are available in a Web trial, so that a search query will include results from your Gmail account.

LG Magic Remote gets Siri-like voice recognition

The remote will be compatible will LG’s 2013 range of smart TVs, Blu-ray players and cinema systems

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Samsung unveils Galaxy Grand, a hybrid of the S III, Galaxy Note

This mashup is not the best of both worlds

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Facebook to offer Snapchat-like 'self-destructing' message app, says report

Facebook is apparently working on a messaging app that will allow users to send each other self-destructing messages and photos. The app could expand Facebook's growing portfolio of mobile apps within weeks.

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Microsoft downplays IE flaw that allows mouse tracking

Microsoft says it is investigating reports of a vulnerability in multiple versions of its Internet Explorer browser that allows others to follow the position of your mouse cursor on screen, even if IE is minimized.

Dell scraps Android smartphones in favor of Windows 8 tablets

The company’s VP of global operations says the Android smartphone ecosystem needs a lot of investment in order to be really successful

Google optimizes Google News design for tablets

The new Google News has a less cluttered look with more space between articles

Yahoo Mail revamped with cleaner, less cluttered look

The updated Yahoo Mail will be available on the Web, as well as on Windows 8 and Android and iOS