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Late to the party, Nook tablets will finally support in-app purchasing options

As Barnes & Noble struggles to keep the Nook brand profitable, the company announces that Nook tablets will (finally) support in-app purchases sometime soon.

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Lawmakers seek ban on Google Glass while driving

Google hasn't even shipped its reality-augmentation glasses, and already the gadget has been banned in a bar and, perhaps soon, behind the wheel.

Google is reportedly building a smartwatch, too

Apple isn't the only major player rumored to be eyeing the smartwatch market—a new report claims Google's Android division is actively developing an Android-powered watch of its own.

BlackBerry, UK government reject claims of failed BB10 security certification

After a prominent British newspaper claimed that BlackBerry 10 has failed a major government security certification, both BlackBerry and the British government deny the report's accuracy.

Samsung confirms a smartwatch is in the works

Samsung confirmed reports that it too is preparing a connected wristwatch, probably under the Galaxy brand.

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Windows Phone 8 support ends in 2014. Then what?

Microsoft's published timeline for support of Windows Phone 8 and 7.8 shows the two mobile operating systems will be orphaned in 18 months or less.


Redbox Instant challenges Netflix with dual services

Redbox Instant has emerged from beta testing to offer $8 monthly subscriptions with four one-night DVD rentals and unlimited video streaming.

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Microsoft blames Outlook, Hotmail outage on overheated servers, apologizes

Microsoft says an outage that left Outlook.com and Hotmail users without access to emails for almost 16 hours this week was due to overheating servers in the data center.

Netflix gets social with Facebook integration

Netflix finally introduces Facebook-sharing integration for U.S. users of its movie-streaming service.

Android crowned the king of mobile malware, report finds

Android devices draw almost 80 percent of mobile malware, and was the target of more than 300 threats identified by security firm F-Secure in a recent report.

Reinventing payphones for the 21st century

New York City is looking to upgrade its payphones for the modern era, so it held a contest for ideas that bring new functionality and design to these old-fangled phones. Here are the six finalists.

Windows RT takes a hit as Samsung halts European sales of Ativ Tab tablets

Windows RT, Microsoft’s first tablet-focused operating system, is not proving popular in Europe.

Opera debuts beta WebKit-based browser for Android phones

By moving to open-source WebKit, Opera says it managed to make its browser faster, on par with Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.

Job listing points to holiday update for Windows Phone

A job listing for a Windows Phone software engineer spills the beans about a major Windows Phone update this upcoming holiday season. Could it be the platforms first fabled "Windows Blue" release?

AMD plans to sell an APU based on modified PlayStation 4 hardware

Lending more credence to the idea that the PlayStation 4 is a computer in console's clothing, AMD's marketing head has announced plans to release a stripped-down APU based on the hardware in Sony's machine.