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Pandora restricts free mobile listening to 40 hours per month, citing royalty woes

In the face of skyrocketing royalty fees, Pandora reintroduces a 40 hour per month listening cap for free mobile listeners.

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Third time's the charm? Adobe patches even more critical Flash vulnerabilities

Adobe releases yet another critical security update for its Flash player software after hackers begin actively exploiting flaws in the wild.

Internet Explorer 10 lands on Windows 7

After nearly two years in development, Microsoft's latest and greatest Web browser lands on Windows 7.

LG grants WebOS a fourth lease on life, but on smart TVs

The operating system that just won't die rises from the grave once again, with news that LG has purchased WebOS from HP.

Zendesk security breach affects Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest users

A security breach at Zendesk, a popular customer service provider, resulted in hackers obtaining support information sent to a trio of social networks. How bad is the damage?

Canon's Mixed Reality headset delivers augmented reality for an eye-watering price tag

Canon's new virtual reality eyewear is powered by a PC and beefier than Google Glass—but at 83 times the cost.

Google Glass video preview shows previously unrevealed functionality

A new video preview for Google Glass "actually shows how Glass works," complete with a new UI and previously unrevealed features.

Any two Web pages are separated by just 19 clicks, study finds

While it's not quite the six degrees of separation Kevin Bacon is so famous for, a new study finds that your mother's Facebook page isn't that far away from even the seediest corners of the Net.

LG Optimus G Pro

LG's Optimus G Pro challenges Samsung Galaxy Note II

LG Electronics revealed its new Optimus G Pro on Monday, marketing it as a direct challenge to Samsung Electronics' successful Galaxy Note 2.


11 people arrested, accused of running ransomware scam

Fake fines generated by the scam netted more than $1.3 million per year

HP to reenter consumer tablet market with Android device

HP exited the consumer tablet market in 2011, when it decided to kill the HP TouchPad tablet based on WebOS

Opera switches to WebKit to develop new mobile, desktop browsers

Opera's browsers now have more than 300 million monthly users worldwide

Ultimate Google toolbox: 20 tips, tricks, and hacks

With this arsenal of tips, tricks, and third-party tools, you can bend Google to your will and extract more from its services than ever before.

Google plugs Nexus 4 and Google Now in Grammys ad

Google aired its first prime-time commercial for the Nexus 4 during the Grammy Awards show on Sunday, featuring its Google Now service along with the smartphone.

Amazon discounts 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD for Valentine's Day

The price of the 16GB Kindle Fire HD 8.9 dropped from $299 to $269, while the 32GB 4G LTE model dropped to $449 from $499