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5 addictive (and free!) browser games for holiday hijinks

PCWorld does not condone absenteeism, laggardism or all-around, year-end slothfulness. But if you must play a browser game at work, you might as well zone out on a holiday-themed title.

Free Game Fridays

Free Game Friday: Puzzles, and Roguelikes and Platformers

This week’s Free Game Friday is a grab bag of great games to spend your weekend with.

Free Game Fridays

Free Game Friday: Games About Games

This week’s collection of games contains a game about pro gaming and a truly unusual remake of Portal.

Free Game Fridays

Free Game Friday: Games of Light Vs. Darkness

A roundup of free browser games about the metaphorical (and literal) struggle between good and evil.

7 killer upgrades to supercharge your PC gaming

Gamepads. Headsets. Mice. Mechanical keyboards. Delight the deserving gamer in your life with equipment that ups the fun quotient.

Review: Logitech G600 is an excellent MMO gaming mouse

Logitech delivers an affordable high-end gaming peripheral that any gaming enthusiast can love.

Free Game Fridays

Free Game Friday: The Joy of Repetition

This week’s games are about doing things for a second, third or thousanth time and still making it fun.

Free Game Fridays

Free Game Friday: Remakes, demakes and more

This week we look at some tweaks to games you love to put them in a new, free package.

Free Game Fridays

Free Game Friday: Fast-Paced Text Adventures

A platformer that makes you literally hold your breath, a text-based online shooter and more.

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Free Game Friday: Frog Fractions creator talks about making surprising games

Weird flash games and the people who make them, that's what we're talking about this week.

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Free Game Friday: Minimalism in Games

Let's get minimal.

Terrifying tech for Halloween hosts

Want to throw the best bash on the block? Follow our tech tips and tricks for a screaming Halloween party.

Free Game Fridays

Free Game Friday: Grow Up

This week’s collection of free games are about growing up and getting older. It’s more fun than it sounds.

Review: Razer's Blackwidow Tournament Edition is great for gamers on the move

Razer’s made a great mechanical keyboard for gamers on the move, and a pretty good one for everyone else.

Free Game Fridays

Free Game Friday: Free Don't Mean Easy

From brutally difficult dungeon crawlers to games too terrifying to complete, we take a look at some tough free games.