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David Daw has studied the history and future of television and has a master's in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University along with a BA in genre fiction from NYU.

Tabletop Forge, Tabletop Gaming Tools for Google Hangouts

A new Kickstarter promises to turn Google Hangouts into the ideal virtual venue for your D&D games.

Declare Independence From iTunes With Spotify Premium

Spotify’s desktop application is a fantastic music manager. Here’s how to make Spotify your default app on the go as well.

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Games We’d Like to See on Google Glass

Google’s AR glasses aren’t set to hit the consumer market for at least another year but I’m already excited by the gaming possibilities.

Why Playing Diablo III Really Means Playing The Auction House

Playing Diablo III seriously basically means you have to learn to play smart, play economically, and play the auction house. Here's why that’s okay.

Free Game Friday: Cats, Zombies and a Speedrun Through Retro Gaming

This week’s roundup has everything the internet loves including felines, the undead and free games.