Expansion urged for the Web's upcoming 25th year

A supporter speaks out for the British web designer's proposal for government digital service, ensuring ongoing access to communications.

Windows 8 tablets embraced by Scottish government

The Scottish Government plans to roll out Windows 8 tablet PCs from several vendors to key civil servants for use on the job.

UK Cyber Crime Unit reports first conviction by new team

The British National Crime Agency has sentenced its first offender after an investigation by the agency's National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU).


U.K. considers location-based mobile alerts for emergencies

The British government plans to test location-based mobile alerts that could be used to inform the public of imminent emergencies.

Biometric security tested by UK bank using vocal passwords

Barclays is using Nuance’s FreeSpeech voice biometrics software to confirm and identify customers, instead of using security questions.

Google Maps

British Library leads a team to archive UK web resources

British website content will be preserved along with traditional library resources in a project shared by six libraries in the UK.

Warning: mobile apps can lose you customers, Forrester says

If you don't craft a great mobile app strategy, then other companies will fill the gap and get your customers.

Networks, not just end users, are urged to guard against bots

Hosting facilities for networks must become more adept at filtering software bots that foster denial-of-service attacks, because they are as likely to abet such actions as infected home PCs, AT&T's chief security officer says.

British online retailers face legal action over websites

Top tips for retailers include being clear and open about cancellation rights and also providing a full refund when things go wrong.

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Industry commitment to hardware funding, student training sought

Wolverhampton is part of the Oracle Academic Initiative, which allows it to pay very little for licenses to teach the software.


Stock exchange's backup: Twitter, Facebook

The New York Stock Exchange says it plans to use Twitter and Facebook for finding buyers and sellers to close daily trading, following a technical glitch that saw its usual method of e-mail fail.