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13 displayed in maps

Geotagging the easy way with Aperture 3.5

There are three major ways to add geolocation information to your photos in Aperture.

entrance to mirage

How to use Wi-Fi for an expert photo workflow

The best of hardware and software combinations provide an integrated environment for more efficient field work.

image 3 final portrait

Portrait retouching in five easy steps

How to use Aperture to create alluring photos of friends and family.

mw phoneportraits primary 2

How to shoot the best portraits with your iPhone

Whether you're taking a self-portrait, or a photo of a family member or furry friend, these smart tips guarantee you'll put the best face forward.

How to print photos from Aperture the easy way

Printing photos for display doesn't have to be complicated. These basic steps will have your masterpiece framed for admiring eyes in a jiffy.

Share photos from your DSLR, no computer required

You don't need to crack open your laptop to tweet out high-quality photos.

Review: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 presents an impressive and innovative upgrade

Lightroom 5 is a practical, finely crafted version of Adobe’s excellent photo management application. Upgrading is a no-brainer.

Import like a pro in Aperture

Learn how to supercharge your Aperture workflow with these handy tips.

Lens Filters

Lens filters protect your pricey camera glass: Here are your options

Using protective lenses on your interchangeable lens camera is a no-brainer, so we offer some hints on how to shop for them.

Five tips to help you choose a new camera lens

A new lens is energizing. Photographers tend to like their camera bodies, but love their lenses.

The 7-step edit in Aperture 3.4

Basic adjustments in Aperture 3.4 will clean up 90 percent of your images.

Essential guide to photography peripherals

Stuff you need and want to protect your camera and enhance your photos.


How to get your pictures out of Aperture

Getting your images into Aperture is easy; getting them out is easy too, just not as intuitive. Derrick Story walks you through the steps for moving both original and edited photos out of Aperture.

Glass with class: Intriguing lens options shown at Photokina

Simply going with the glass made by the camera body manufacturer might feel safe. But there are many tempting optics out there.


Innovative temptations at Photokina

There are a plethora of photographic delights at this year's Photokina show in Germany. Derrick Story is out there stalking the floor.