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Starbucks adopts Square wireless wallet

Starbucks coffee shops will use Square's mobile payment system in its own app starting this fall, and is also updating its iOS app with location alerts.

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facebook privacy

Facebook private messages trigger 'likes' without telling

A new Facebook feature lifts links from your private messages and adds anonymous "likes" to those sites without alerting you.

T-Mobile, MetroPCS merger: Your FAQs answered

Customers of both carriers obviously have some reason to be concerned about how they will be affected.

Google obtains patent for Project Glass-like smart-watch

Google appears to be working on a smart watch that operates much like its highly anticipated Android-powered eyeglasses.

T-Mobile + MetroPCS merger: Great for them, bad for us

T-Mobile and MetroPCS may tie the knot; the combination of the two could be a bad deal for many consumers.

Paid social network App.net updates pricing structure, adds monthly plan

App.net cuts prices to make it easier to join its premium social network.

Foursquare adds 'Always On' option to track friends

A new feature added to Foursquare Tuesday sends you an alert each time your friend checks in on the service.

windows 8

Windows 8 System Builder will replace full version at retail

Non-upgrade versions of Windows are being replaced in Windows 8 by the System Builder version, which is more accommodating when it comes to transferring a license.

Android hits 500 million device activations as iPhone 5 debuts

Google is trying to out-news Apple.

Court orders music pirate Jammie Thomas-Rasset to pay original fine of $222,000

Jammie Thomas-Rasset has been ordered to pay for downloading pirated music. Could a possible Supreme Court fight settle the issue of how much a pirated song is worth?

Microsoft goes public with holiday store plans

Microsoft plans to open 32 new retail locations in time for the holiday season.

Intel Chips to Support Wireless Charging by 2014

The chipmaker may offer an alternative technology to the Qi standard supported by the Wireless Power Consortium.

Wolfram Alpha’s personal analytics service is cool—when it's not overloaded

Wolfram Alpha’s new personal analytics service

Mobile Payment System Isis Looks Set for September Debut

The Isis service for paying for goods and services via smartphone initially will be available in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas.

LG's Game World Will Bring Video Games to Cinema 3D Smart TVs

LG will be bringing a new gaming-specific app store to its Cinema 3D Smart TV line laterthi

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