Elizabeth FishContributor, TechHive

Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

Jailbroken Kindles make great weather displays come rain or shine

If you were looking for another reason to hack your Kindle, here’s a useful project—a weather display board that updates throughout the day.

Work out as you play with BitGym's motion-sensor technology

Who says workouts are boring? Take your tablet to the treadmill and play motion sensor games while you get fit.

Bar robot automatically pours your cocktails, won’t call you a cab

When you have this geeky cocktail bar in your home, why would you go to a club?

Sturdy AlphaDog robot gets an update, is now a pack mule bot

Boston Dynamics’ gear-carrying robot is now even more obedient, but also a bit more mule-like.

3D projection exhibit puts you in Pac-Man's world

If you really love Pac-Man, check out this Pac-Man challenge, which literally puts you in the game.

DIY Lego go-kart carries people around, makes driving fun again

Can a Lego project get any cooler than one that you can not only steer, but ride on too? Check out this really impressive go-kart

Hackers find hidden Easter egg photos in Mac SE ROM

Some pretty clever geeks found an old Macintosh SE, as well as some hidden goodies on the old Mac's ROM...

Hubble's hidden treasures uncovered by crowd-sourced image editing

The European Space Agency asked members of the public to redesign a number of the Hubble Telescope’s images, and thousands of fascinating images came back.

Impress your geek friends with this homemade R2-D2 drink dispenser

Want to show off your geek cred at your next house party? Make yourself a drink dispenser modeled after R2-D2 out of everyday household items.

This classy coffee table gives old Power Mac G4s a new lease on life

Dust off those old computer parts and turn them in to useful home furnishings, just like this Power Mac coffee table project.

Lego-powered Coltar swaps strings for color to make sweet music

Mystify your friends by strumming on blocks of color rather than your typical six-string with the Coltar.