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Anonymous in London 11_5_2012

Anonymous apparently goes on a hacking spree

Hackers apparently linked to the hactivist group Anonymous Monday kept up a hacking spree to dump data they said they stole from Symantec, VMware, PayPal, Hyundai, and the U.S. Department of Energy and Transportation, among others.

Hollywood studios pushing for secure, next-generation "digital home library"

Home entertainment today is often provided through a clutter of TVs, tablets, and computers, along with TV specialty boxes for yet more streaming video or music services. But some Hollywood studios are hoping to find better ways to deliver paid content to consumers directly to hard drives and flash storage, according to Cryptography Research, which is working on a futuristic project to do that.

Windows 8 brings malware improvements, says researcher

Anti-malware protection and other security features are getting a lot of attention for the new OS.

unlocked iphone

Forensics investigations hit hurdles with mobile devices

Trying to get computer forensics data out of mobile smartphones and tablets in order to conduct investigations is harder than recovering information from PCs, laptops, or Macs, and experts say that forensics tools need to improve.

Cost of cyber attacks $8.9 million, up 6%

According to a survey of 56 corporate and governmental organizations conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the average amount they paid for all the costs associated with cybera ttacks was $8.9 million during the past year. That's up 6% from the previous year's study.

Sophos antivirus snafu lingers on

The chaos caused to Sophos customers by a bad antivirus software update just keeps reverberating into its second week, with Sophos today providing more information on fixing the problem for both enterprise users and those with stand-alone computers.

Pilot projects win $10 million in government grants to help 'get rid of passwords'

A federal initiative called the "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace" has been encouraging the high-tech industry to work with government to find alternatives to simple passwords in order to foster more secure online transactions. The NSTIC program has been promising to fund $10 million in government grants for pilot projects to showcase innovative approaches, and today the winners were finally announced.

Republican National Convention: High-tech Meets Republican Leadership

Coordinated under an effort called "Innovation Nation," the high-tech industry's trade associations, along with companies such as Microsoft and Facebook, organized a reception for the House Republican Whip team.

Phishing Attack Targets Users With Fake BlackBerry ID Email

An attached file is loaded up with malware to take over the victim's computer should he or she open it.