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Endlessly tweaking his workflow for comfort and efficiency, Erez is a freelance writer on a mission to discover the simplest, coolest, and most effective software and websites to make tomorrow happen today.

LICEcap review: Make animated screenshots, prove GIFs aren't just for memes

Delightfully tiny utility LICEcap lets you create GIFs showing on-screen action, to quickly communicate software features and issues.

Launch8 review: Add a dock to the Windows Start screen

Stardock's latest customization tool for Windows 8 doesn't fight the Start screen. It customizes it.

Show, don't tell: 6 great tools for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots

Screenshots are invaluable in daily office life, whether they're for shiny product pages or just to better explain a technical issue you've stumbled on. Here are six excellent (and mostly free) screenshot tools.

Review: f.lux makes your computer usable at night

Staring into a monitor late at night can make it hard to fall asleep later. There's a solution, and it's free.

Review: WinZip 18 stays light on its feet with new Express add-ons

WinZip 18 comes with optional add-ons that may mean most users never see the main application window.

Pixsta screenshot

Pixsta review: This is the Instagram desktop client you've been waiting for

It turns out Instagram can be better on your computer than it is on your phone. Pixta, formerly Instagrille, is the secret.

5 free Web tools to organize your thoughts

Web-based text outliners range from Notepad-like simplicity to sophisticated, searchable, collapsible idea wranglers.

Review: Corel Painter X3 makes natural media more accessible

Already an excellent product, Corel Painter X3 improves on its predecessor by making some of its hidden features more easily accessible to beginners.

Review: NASA's Curiosity App for Windows 8 lets you explore Mars rover in detail

Learn all about NASA's Mars rover using its official Windows 8 app. Sadly, you don't get to drive.

Review: Soluto's paid product offers low-cost support services for small businesses

Soluto's commercial service is much cheaper than the competition, but its remote control feature is not quite there yet.

Review: NewsBlur is a worthy, powerful Google Reader replacement

Web-based RSS reader NewsBlur is one man's labor of love, but has features and polish that many established players could envy.

Review: ArtRage makes creating natural-looking art easy and fun

With its wide selection of paintbrushes and textured papers, sophisticated natural media simulation, and accessible interface, ArtRage is a compelling option for both budding and established digital painters.

Review: Dragon Notes lets you try out Nuance's speech recognition engine at low cost

Dragon Notes bills itself as a sticky-note app with voice recognition, but really, it's little more than a demo for Nuance's voice recognition prowess.

Review: Emcee tries to bring Mission Control to Windows 8

With snappy previews that treat Modern apps as first-class citizens and clever window tiles, there's a lot to like in Emcee. Sadly, a couple of critical shortcomings keep it from becoming a truly useful everyday tool.

Trucker, mayor, space cowboy: Five sim games that let you live out your dreams

Whether you enjoy controlling the fates of countless Sims or driving a truck across Europe, you can be sure there's an excellent simulator out there in which to hone your skills.