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Endlessly tweaking his workflow for comfort and efficiency, Erez is a freelance writer on a mission to discover the simplest, coolest, and most effective software and websites to make tomorrow happen today.

Roll Your Own Wiki With Open Source MoinMoin

MoinMoin is a powerful open source wiki with an optional desktop mode.

Expand Your Taskbar to a Second Monitor With Free Zbar

Zbar is a free, tiny, portable tool that puts a taskbar on your secondary monitor, and lets you pick different wallpapers for every monitor.

MultiMon Taskbar Free Adds a Taskbar to a Second Monitor

Free utility MultiMon Taskbar Free adds a simple taskbar to your secondary monitor...but even at that price, it may not be the best solution.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Adds Tools, Color Styles, Website Creation

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 is a powerful graphics suite, and a worthy opponent for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Avoid Ads and Creepy Tracking Scripts With Privoxy

Privoxy is a free, open-source local proxy for blocking ads and tracking scripts.

Free Screenshot Captor Trounces $50 Snagit

Screenshot Captor offers powerful image capture tools, outperforming Snagit in some cases.

Free Process Explorer: A Better Task Manager

Process Explorer is a super-powerful, free alternative to Task Manager, from Microsoft.

Make Keys Work the Way You Want With Free KeyTweak

KeyTweak lets you remap keyboard keys system-wide.

Create a Wiki Easily--and Free--With TiddlyWiki

TiddlyWiki is a free, portable Wiki that runs in any modern Web browser.

Track Billable Hours (On the Cheap) With TogglDesktop

Toggl is a simple, cross-platform time tracking solution for individuals and groups.

Zim: Your Own Personal Desktop Wiki

Zim is a fast, free, and easy desktop wiki application for managing information.

Goalscape Desktop Project Manager Keeps Big Picture in Sight

Goalscape Desktop offers a unique and visual way to realize your goals and make dreams a reality.

Possibly The World's Best Desktop Calendar: VueMinder Pro

VueMinder Pro is a powerful desktop calendar with online sync capabilities.

Wikispaces Lets You Collaborate in a Free Wiki

Wikispaces lets you set up a powerful multi-user personal wiki with simple editing capabilities for free.

Store and Organize Ideas and Info With Web-Based Springpad

Springpad is a free service for saving and categorizing information, with rich parsing abilities.