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Endlessly tweaking his workflow for comfort and efficiency, Erez is a freelance writer on a mission to discover the simplest, coolest, and most effective software and websites to make tomorrow happen today.

Review: Ashampoo Photo Commander 11's may features add up to a disappointing image editing experience

A hefty feature list makes not a high-quality product. The devil is in the details, as Ashampoo Photo Commander 11 shows.

Review: Create a professional online portfolio in minutes with lacks themes and visual customization options, but lets you put up an elegant page showcasing your work in a cinch.

Review: Pilot a fighter spaceship and flying robot in Strike Suit Zero sim

Space combat sim Strike Suit Zero lets you transform your fighter ship into a giant space robot. If you've been watching Pacific Rim trailers obsessively, this is the game for you.

Free Chrome extensions power up Gmail

From keyboard shortcuts to inbox managers, these handy Chrome extensions make a good email program even better.

Review: FreeSpace 2 sim launches you into space

Highly acclaimed, heavily moddable FreeSpace 2 is a sim game that deserved a better reality. At least it's still available and inexpensive.

Review: Microsoft Flight looks beautiful, might as well stay grounded

Despite gorgeous graphics and a long history, it's easy to understand how Microsoft Flight reached its final destination.

Review: Mash your motor with Euro Truck Simulator 2

This surprising game makes driving a truck a whole lot of fun. Great-looking and customizable, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is one title you won't want to say "negatory" to.

Review: MarkdownPad makes composing Markdown even easier than usual

With instant preview, custom CSS, and hotkeys for many Markdown features, MarkdownPad makes composing text for the Web easy, simple, and fun.

Review: Work with Gmail without even opening it with Checker Plus

This handy Chrome extension allows you to read, reply or delete emails without ever having to open the Gmail web page.

Review: Track and follow up emails with Right Inbox for Gmail

Right Inbox for Gmail is a simple-to-use service that automatically reminds you to follow up on emails.

Review: Give Gmail an extreme makeover with Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline allows you to use Gmail without an Internet connection, and makes the web interface for Gmail look more like the Android version

Review: Write better-formatted messages with Markdown Here

This Chrome extension lets you make your Gmail messages look nicer with fancy formatting.

Review: Master Gmail's Keyboard Shortcuts with KeyRocket

Offers quick reminders of the keyboard shortcuts that can turn you into a Gmail master.

Review: Find out what's taking up space on your drive in seconds with WizTree

Using some NTFS wizardry, WizTree maps out what's taking space on your drive in mere seconds.

Review: Prezi makes it easy to create cinematic presentations with zoom and pan effects

Instead of moving through a slide deck, Prezi takes your audience on an animated journey over a wide canvas of ideas.