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Endlessly tweaking his workflow for comfort and efficiency, Erez is a freelance writer on a mission to discover the simplest, coolest, and most effective software and websites to make tomorrow happen today.

Review: Eraser removes files safely and permanently

Eraser is an enormous all-in-one toolbox devoted to secure file deletion. This free utility can securely delete files on your command, or according to a schedule.

Review: DropIt organizes your Downloads folder

Free and open-source utility DropIt can transform your Downloads folder from an unruly jungle of files to a clutter-free zone. It takes some to define the rules, but once they're set, the automatic sorting is a big time-saver.

Review: iCookbook turns your Windows 8 laptop or tablet into a gorgeous cookbook

iCookbook is a recipe search and display app for Windows 8 with lots of delicious photos. It's beautiful and well-organized, but you may need to build a few more minutes into your cooking time to convert quantities and so forth.

Review: MyShelf offers Evernote-like functionality, without the cloud

MyShelf may not be as pretty as Evernote, but it's a note-taking app that doesn't need the cloud.

End mind-numbing repetition with these 5 powerful PC automation tools

If you find yourself doing a lot of repetitive computer work, you're doing it wrong. Working with software should be a joy, not an effort, and these tools can help you make it so.

Review: SimpleMind Desktop lets you create attractive mind maps

SimpleMind Desktop is a straightforward mind-mapping application with solid mobile companion apps. Colorful and attractive, it's an excellent choice for the mind-mapper on the move .

Review: DayScore lets you keep score on habits that really matter

Free web-app DayScore lets you track your habits and improve over time. However, it is rather simplistic.

13 killer Chrome apps to replace your desktop software

Can you get all your work done without ever leaving your Web browser? We tested a suite of Chrome extensions to see if they're up to the task.

Review: SymmetryMill lets you turn any image into a beautiful repeating pattern

With its seventeen kaleidoscope lenses, SymmetryMill turns pattern creation into a fun, playful activity. A free demo version can help you decide if the full subscription fee is worth the $69 price.

Review: Slick RSS Chrome works best as a second news reader

Slick RSS is not a front-end to an online feed reader, but a complete RSS client built into Google Chrome. Though it shows promise, this version doesn't dethrone Google Reader.

Review: Take Command 14 command line utility is easier to use than PowerShell

For serious work in the console, few utilities (if any) can match the prowess of Take Command. If you use the command line regularly, it's a good investment.

Review: ConceptDraw Mindmap helps businesses brainstorm, create, and present mind maps

ConceptDraw Mindmap is a business mind-mapping product that looks just like a part of Microsoft Office. It fits neatly into a team's workflow.

Review: WebStorm 5 IDE provides powerful editing features and instant feedback for Web developers

WebStorm is a sophisticated IDE for JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and other Web development languages.

Review: Pipy is a simple, unremarkable keyboard-based launcher for Windows

Pipy offers a quick way to launch programs and search for files and Web pages, but it's not unique.

Review: Chocolatey offers easy software installation and updating

Command-line utility Chocolatey lets you quickly download and install other applications.