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Erik Malinowski is a freelance writer based in San Mateo, Calif. He is the night editor of Deadspin and the managing editor of Longshot magazine, as well as a regular contributor to TechHive, Wired, and Salon.

Eight high-tech must-haves for your Super Bowl party

The Super Bowl cries out for living large. And we've found some tech-savvy ways to get the most out of watching Sunday's big game.

NFL teams look to stay in the game with fan-focused tech

To keep fans coming through the turnstiles instead of watching the game at home, National Football League teams are increasingly looking for technological ways to become more fan friendly. Erik Malinowski looks at how tech is improving the in-game experience at your local football stadium.

Six essentials for any tech-savvy tailgater

The start of another football season means pre-kickoff tailgate parties. Make sure your next stadium parking lot gadgetry comes equipped with the latest in high-tech gadgetry.

TechHive: NBC Goes for the Gold With Cable, Online Olympic Options

Besides NBC's network Olympics programming, will air more than 3500 hours of programming. That includes all 302 medal ceremonies.

TechHive: Best Secondary Viewing Options for a Summer Olympics Fix

Officially, the only option we have to watch the Olympic Games is via NBC's family of networks and websites. But just because NBC paid top dollar for broadcast exclusivity doesn't mean you don't have other options.

Global Games: Your best secondary options for a Summer Olympics fix

There's a lot more out there for Olympic fans than just NBC. U.S. sports fans who want a different take on the 2012 Summer Olympics can turn to international feeds for a look at the action.

NBC goes for the gold with cable, online Olympic options

The 2012 Summer Olympics begin Friday in London, and for U.S. fans, NBCUniversal is the only official option for catching all the action. Here's a breakdown of how the broadcaster will use its full arsenal of channels, as well as the Web, to air a combined and unprecedented 5,535 hours of coverage.