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intel broadwell e primary

10 things you need to know about Intel's crazy 10-core Broadwell-E CPU

Intel's new Broadwell-E family comes with up to 10 cores, pushing the envelope in both performance and pricing. Read on for the details.

Intel Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X

Intel Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X Review: The first 10-core enthusiast CPU is a beast

You wanted more cores, and Intel is ready to give them to you with the first consumer 10-core chip. But sit down if you want to know the price.

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The Full Nerd Episode 1: Intel's Skull Canyon NUC and GeForce GTX 1070 vs. GTX 1080

The Full Nerd goes official, with Gordon Mah Ung, Alaina Yee, and Brad Chacos at the mics. Tune in every two weeks for unapologetically nerdy hardware discussion.

dell xps 13 gold 5

Dell XPS 13 Gold Edition review: Our favorite ultrabook is all dressed up with everywhere to go

Dell's taken its excellent 13-inch laptop, made it gold, and then dropped in Intel's top dual-core chip to create this head-turner.

18K HP Spectre 13.3

Guess how much HP sold its gold- and diamond-encrusted laptops for?

Stop complaining about how much you paid for your laptop. HP just sold two notebooks for the price of a luxury car.

htc vive vr headset 2

I'm a believer: How HTC's Vive convinced me that VR has legs

Forget about all the hype, when you actually experience VR you understand why the technology is special.

tpu 2

Google's Tensor Processing Unit could advance Moore's Law 7 years into the future

Google unveils custom TPU chip, which it says advances computing performance by three generations.

frozen hard drive on ice stock image

Who makes the most reliable hard drive? Latest BackBlaze survey claims to know

Seagate's reliability improved dramatically, but Hitachi still rules the roost.

tfn 000a.00 01 28 22.still012

The Full Nerd Episode 0: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080, Battlefield 1, and 4-core vs. 8-core build

Full Nerd launches with an epic debate between Gordon Mah Ung, Hayden Dingman, and Brad Chacos over the nitty-gritty GeForce GTX 1080 details, and whether you should build a 4-core or 8-core rig. Plus, Battlefield 1 and burning reader questions.

mbp13 v xps15

Tested: The $1500 Dell XPS 15 vs. the $1500 MacBook Pro 13

The fans asked, and we have answered. We compare laptops on price, not form factor, to see if the fight is fairer. See what happens.

samsung notebook 9 pro

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro review: This feature-packed 15-inch laptop makes a few compromises

Even with its design quirks, this big work notebook is impressive: It packs in a 4K touchscreen display, quad-core CPU, and discrete GPU for just $1,500.

origin pc chronos

Origin PC Chronos review: Fast things come in small, loud packages

Origin PC's custom micro-tower crams high-performance hardware into an impressively small amount of space.


USB Type C speed test: Here's how slow your laptop's port could be

The USB Type C port is new, intriguing, and incredibly confusing, because vendors vary in how they implement the standard. It all comes down to the controller, so we take the fastest USB-C device out there to show you the sometimes vast differences.

radeonproduo straighton 4c 5inch

AMD Radeon Pro Duo grabs top graphics spot for now

AMD's overdue dual-GPU Radeon Pro Duo may be fast enough to bump Nvidia's Titan X, but for $1,500, it had better be fast. Don't get too comfortable, though: Pascal could ruin the party in the near future.

macbook 12 rosegold

Here's how Apple's updated MacBook stacks up against current PCs

Apple's new 12-inch MacBook is a minor refresh to a popular product. We match it spec by spec to the current crop of laptops.