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PCWorld Show Episode 13: Intel lays off thousands, Apple blows off QuickTime, and a smart mattress tells all

PCWorld's Jon Phillips, Melissa Riofrio, and Gordon Mah Ung take on the hottest tech news and hues--if Apple's rose-gold MacBook is any indication. This week, we discuss what Intel's layoffs mean for the PC market, why Apple abandoned QuickTime for Windows, and whether only a dumb person would buy a smart mattress.

k65 rapidfire rgb na 06

Corsair's K70 RGP Rapidfire features new gaming-focused Cherry MX switches

New Cherry MX Speed switches are made for fast response.


This electric bike is made for Imperial Stormtroopers

Zeitgeist's carbon-fiber electric bike will go up to 100 miles on a charge and looks like it was built for the Empire.

quicktime windows

Adobe on QuickTime: You're up the creek without a paddle

Adobe Creative Cloud users at risk while company scrambles to find a fix for insecure and abandoned QuickTime.

stealth cockpit2

Hands-on: Stealth Machines NightHawk 2 offers fighter-jet flair on a Pentagon budget

Stealth Machine's custom gaming PC might look like an F-117 fighter, but it hardly flies under the radar. The case alone costs $400, and wait'll you see what's inside.

rob crooke 3

Intel claims storage supremacy with swift 3D XPoint Optane drives, 1-petabyte 3D NAND

Intel, in addition to showing off its blazing-fast 3C XPoint Optane drives, also said its 3D NAND will be able to squeeze 1TB of storage into a 1.5mm thick drive by next year.

intel 750 series ssd hardcore hardware resized

Storage on steroids: Intel bets on PCIe SSDs, and Optane storage as fast as RAM

Intel storage czar Bill Leszinske has a thing or two to say about the future of drive technology, and it's all about fast.

intel broadwell core i7 primary

Whoa. ASRock confirms 10-core Intel Core i7, outs other new Extreme Edition models

“The most unmissable part of Intel Broadwell-E is the flagship Core i7-6950X, which will be the first deca-core processor for the commercial market,” ASRock said.

se spectre 3

Awww yeah! HP's Spectre 13.3 limited editions bring the bling like you've never seen before

HP's limited-edition laptops get the gold-plating and Swarovski-crystals treatment.

hp spectre 13.3

Hands-on with HP's Spectre 13.3, the world's thinnest laptop

The Spectre 13.3 ultraportable laptop sports crazy cabinet hinges and a new logo, and it's thinner than an iPad Pro.

intel xeon e5 2600 1

Eat your heart out, quad-cores, Intel just dropped a 22-core CPU on us. Boom

Intel's Xeon E5-2600 V4 will pack 22 Broadwell cores and Hyper-Threading.

windows 10 logo

Microsoft boasts of rapid Windows 10 adoption to more than 270 million computers

Microsoft said Windows 10 adoption remained strong, with more than 270 million Windows 10 installs and more than 75 billion hours logged in its latest operating system.


Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review: This Surface Pro clone is drop-dead gorgeous

Sporting the first OLED screen out in the wild, the TabPro S will turn heads…and almost makes the wait for the tech worth it.

dell xps 15 beauty

Dell XPS 15 Review: A great laptop gets bigger and a little better

Dell's XPS 15 is a bigger, more powerful version of the super-popular XPS 13. It offers smoking performance in an extremely compact package.

9 ipad pro keyboard stock

Pro tablet face-off: 9.7-inch iPad Pro vs. Galaxy TabPro S vs. Surface Pro 4

After Apple's latest dig at PC users, we find out how the new iPad Pro really stacks up against Pro PC tablets.