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intel skylake core i7 6700k

It's official: Intel shuts down the cheap overclocking party by closing Skylake loophole

Say goodbye to that overclocking loophole in "non-K" Skylake CPUs. An update from Intel will shut it down, ending the cheap overclocking party.


Tested: VLC vs. Windows 10 video player. The winner may surprise you.

We tested six video players on Windows 10 to see which gives you the best battery life. The winner may shock you.

xps 13 beauty

Dell Skylake XPS 13 review: The best ultrabook just got better

A new 6th-gen CPU, a new NVMe SSD, and USB-C make the refreshed XPS 13 more than a minor upgrade.

vaio z flip 2

Hands-on with the new Vaio Z that's flipping different

The new Vaio Z Flip 2-in-1 takes direct aim at the MacBook, offering Skylake CPUs and a flippable touchscreen, features Apple's laptops can't claim.

asus ux305 skylake

Asus ZenBook UX305 review: Still the best budget ultrabook around

Asus ZenBook gets the Skylake treatment while keeping its low price.

AMD's FX chip logo

AMD accuses BAPCo and Intel of cheating with Sysmark benchmarks

"Truth or myth: is Sysmark a reliable, objective, unbiased benchmark to use in evaluating system performance?” AMD lays out its case in a video released Thursday, aimed squarely at testing consortium BAPCo and lead member Intel.

5096 0

Hello, Computer: Just what was that computer Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry used?

Star Trek creator's computer wasn't that high-tech afterall.

skylake cpu

How to test your PC for the Skylake bug

Intel confirms there's a bug that could crash Skylake CPUs, under specific and somewhat uncommon circumstances.

Oculus Rift

Alienware announces an Oculus Rift bundle, and the first OLED gaming laptop

Alienware showed gamers some love at CES, offering a discounted Oculus Rift with its X51 system and announcing an OLED Alienware 13 laptop.

silverstone cpu01 cable 2

Meet Silverstone's CPU01, a reversible USB cable that works with your older phone

Eat your heart out USB-C, this cable does reversible without requiring a new phone

project tango phone announced lenovo google

Lenovo and Google announce plans for first consumer Project Tango phone by this summer

First Project Tango phone will be smaller than 6.5 inches, cost less than $500 and feature multiple cameras.

ecousb 1

The Eco USBcell is the slickest rechargeable AA battery you've ever seen

Featuring the same lithium polymer chemistry of your smarthphone, these AA and AAA batteries can be plugged directly into USB for charging.


Hands-on with WiTricity's wireless charging for laptops

Ditch the wires, WiTricity demo shows just how cool wireless charging of laptops might be.

stacked nucs

Intel confirms it's building a quad-core performance NUC

Intel's NUC officially goes Skylake, and a quad-core "gaming" focused unit is on tap.

dell ultrasharp 30 ultra hd 4k oled monitor high res

Dell unveils stunning 4K OLED UltraSharp display and declares war on bezels

Dell's 2016 monitor lineup includes a stunning OLED display, InfinityEdge bezels, and wireless phone charging.