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hp spectre 13.3

Hands-on with HP's Spectre 13.3, the world's thinnest laptop

The Spectre 13.3 ultraportable laptop sports crazy cabinet hinges and a new logo, and it's thinner than an iPad Pro.

intel xeon e5 2600 1

Eat your heart out, quad-cores, Intel just dropped a 22-core CPU on us. Boom

Intel's Xeon E5-2600 V4 will pack 22 Broadwell cores and Hyper-Threading.

windows 10 logo

Microsoft boasts of rapid Windows 10 adoption to more than 270 million computers

Microsoft said Windows 10 adoption remained strong, with more than 270 million Windows 10 installs and more than 75 billion hours logged in its latest operating system.


Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review: This Surface Pro clone is drop-dead gorgeous

Sporting the first OLED screen out in the wild, the TabPro S will turn heads…and almost makes the wait for the tech worth it.

dell xps 15 beauty

Dell XPS 15 Review: A great laptop gets bigger and a little better

Dell's XPS 15 is a bigger, more powerful version of the super-popular XPS 13. It offers smoking performance in an extremely compact package.

9 ipad pro keyboard stock

Pro tablet face-off: 9.7-inch iPad Pro vs. Galaxy TabPro S vs. Surface Pro 4

After Apple's latest dig at PC users, we find out how the new iPad Pro really stacks up against Pro PC tablets.

pws 008a.00 06 49 22.still006

PCWorld Show Episode 8: Windows 10 upgrade pressure, AMD Radeon Pro Duo and the state of PC gaming

Jon, Brad and Gordon discuss the hottest tech topics of the week.


Hands-on with Intel's Skull Canyon NUC, the most powerful game-ready mini-PC

What the heck! An Intel NUC that can play Just Cause 3 at 1080p resolution?! This mighty mite features a quad-core chip and the company's most powerful graphics core

zotac en980 5

Hands-on with Zotac's tiny VR-ready PC

Zotac's Magnus EN980 packs a full-on water-cooled GeForce GTX 980 and Skylake processor.


AMD roadmap for next-gen GPUs emphasizes cutting-edge memory and power efficiency

Next-gen GPUs to use HBM2 and and build on Polaris' high performance-per-watt model.

radeon pro duo 9

AMD's $1,500 dual-GPU Radeon Pro Duo graphics card is built for virtual reality

The Radeon Pro Duo may be the world's most powerful VR card, at least for now, and it will cost the same as its predecessor.

hp spectre x360 15 beauty

HP Spectre x360 15T review: It's sexy and thin, but comes with a performance cost

Not everyone needs a burly quad-core CPU and discrete graphics. At least, that's what HP hopes.

chronos hero left

Here's why Origin PC's new Chronos says a dual GPU card is imminent

Before you dismiss the Chronos case's compatibility with the pricey, two-year-old Titan Z card, consider that it could mean a successor is imminent.


Tested: How many CPU cores you really need for DirectX 12 gaming

DirectX 12 will be able to use multi-core CPUs more efficiently, but how many more cores will you need? We benchmark an eight-core CPU in three DirectX 12 tests, and the results may disappoint you.

pws 006a.00 01 21 20.still004

PCWorld Show Episode 6: Flagship phones, HoloLens pricing and 8TB hard drives?!

Jon, Gordon and Flo discuss the hottest tech topics of the week.